It took 1 year to get 2$.

Hi Indie Hackers,

I built an extension Orso, to send whatsapp message without saving contact on whatsapp web. The reason was to quickly send message on whatsapp to the potential co-founders, that I meet on startup school co-founder match.

I published it on chrome store and over few months downloads went up. I have been building products for sometime. This was the first time that people were actively looking for the solution that I built. It was a great feeling.

Over the period of time, I started getting few message with the issues in the extension and started fixing them. 2 weeks ago I added the stripe payment to the extension.

Last week I got an email from stripe about a paid subscriber for 2$. It's a very small amount, but it made me happier like my monthly salary credited message.

All my leads are organic searches on chrome extension store. Any idea How can I get more downloads on chrome store?

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    Hey Rahul!

    I appreciate the Grit you have shown in building the project, and glad you finally added a stripe payment gateway to the product. Below are five ways I think you can get more downloads

    1. No brainer, launch on Product Hunt.
    2. Create a website with good SEO-based copy. Your product solves a niche problem, and writing about it on your landing page will largely help.
    3. Add in-app referral where users can refer your extension to their friends.
    4. When a message is sent through you, show "sent via orso.app" for free users
    5. Collect feedback or testimonials and put it out on the internet.
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      Thanks @Deepak09 for your suggestions. I will try some of your suggestions. What do you mean by SEO-based copy?

      1. 1

        Hey, I just meant keeping your copywriting search engine friendly.

    2. 1

      All great ideas. #4 seems simple to implement! Going to steal that idea for my project

      1. 1

        Ha, awesome! What are you building?

        1. 1

          A productized service. Essentially niche graphic design “in a box”

      2. 1

        Great @Agp1113 what are you building?

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    Man... still to this day nothing felt better than that first sale. It's the point when you suddenly cross from "just someone writing code" to, "someone adding real value to the world".

    🌈 Absolutely amazing feeling.

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      very true @spencerpauly It's an amazing feeling.

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    First of all, congrats on your first sale! You must be so proud,

    But I have a question what do you offer other than what WhatsApp already offers?
    As previously I noticed that on WhatsApp web you can simply send a message to any number without saving it just send it to your number of a group that is made for sharing between mobile and web "Everyone have this group on his WhatsApp hahaha"

    So currently WhatsApp just notices the phone numbers and when pressing on it, it shows options to send messages via WhatsApp directly without saving.

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    Congratulations! The idea itself is something you should be proud of, as it's a glaring issue with a highly popular product, something that has little to no other solutions. :)

    1. 1

      thanks @AndreiM . It arise from my personal need. What are you building?

      1. 1

        I run an operations management company, and we're building a few content-driven websites on the side.

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    @rahulbansal, Congratulations.

    It's not about 2 Dollars but about the fact that someone saw it fit to put in the money.

    The way I see and say is that if one can do 2 then one can do 20 or 200 or 2 million :).

    Getting out of the ZERO is breaking the ice.

    1. 1

      True @DepthsForHeights. I saw your post about you building the niche hiring startup in Japan. I was amazed by it. Looking forward to learn from you and hopefully build something successful.

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    First of all, congrats on your first sale! It is a great feeling when someone pays you for a solution that you have created as an entrepreneur.

    Writing articles like this one on different platforms is a good way to gain visibility. You could also be active in social media where your target audience is, for example in your case twitter could be a good fit. Writing on LinkedIn or Reddit about how you did this and the benefits of your solution can also help gaining visibility.

    A launch in Product Hunt is also another powerful way to gain users. For B2C solutions, this helps them get a bigger follower base on twitter which can help on future launches. Chris Messina helps makers on Product Hunt, you can send an application in his website and this is a big shortcut on gaining traction. https://chrismessina.me/hunt-me

    All the best! You are already in a very nice path Rahul!

    1. 1

      Thanks @juliaalvarez23 and thanks for suggesting chris. I will message him. I was not aware of him. Thanks again for suggesting. All the best for compass.

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    You can increase your download with these tasks:

    1. appear on the list of the top/best or any blog article list that related to your app
    2. cooperate and give affiliate to other apps if they promote you, you should do a bunch of cold emails with a 1% conversion rate
    1. 1

      I will ask for affiliate thanks for suggesting.

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    congrats, How kept improving it for a year, what is the source of such consistency.

    1. 1

      Decoupling the effort and expectations. I just kept building unmoved by the responses.

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    Keep going! Its awesome you got a paying customer

    1. 1

      Thanks @toolsforcrypo What are you upto?

      1. 1

        I've been working on a newsletter for curating new products in web3, called ToolsForCrypto https://toolsforcrypto.substack.com/

        It helps builders / founders / growth hackers get a idea of the trends in Web3

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    Way to go!
    Beats 90% of other projects on IH!

    1. 1

      Thanks for your kind words. I was checking your profile @LEONWEI you have built some amazing products. I hope to be like you someday 🤞. I have followed you on twitter.

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    You mention that people were actively searching for your solution - did you have to do any marketing at all?

    1. 2

      I did not do any marketing. I am still figuring out the ways to market the product. Any suggestions you have?

      1. 1

        I don’t really have any suggestions to offer 😅 I’ve never gotten a product off the ground so I’m just asking questions to learn as much as I can!

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    I’ve had the best luck with SEO. So maybe start there? Add a blog and write a post called ‘How to send WhatsApp messages without saving contacts.” You could make it a straightforward tutorial about using your tool.

    From there, start brainstorming other ideas. Even tutorials that for tools that are adjacent to yours. Maybe some blogs about ‘How to automate WhatsApp messages’. ‘Sending templates with WhatsApp’. It may take a few months but you should start seeing some organic traffic to your website. Inevitably, a percentage will start clicking around and find your extension.

    That’s what’s worked for me so far.

    Congrats on the milestone. That’s huge.

    1. 1

      That is good start. I will start writing tutorials on instagram, youtube shorts, tik tok shorts for the product. What product you are building @jkjkjk?

      1. 1

        For the record, I meant search engine optimization. Making blog content that comes up in google searches. Social never worked well for me.

        Thanks for asking about my project. I’m still building in private for various reasons. Happy to show you over email or Twitter if you want to reach out.

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