I've teased this project for a while. Initial thoughts on this landing page?

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    Hey Nick,

    Good looking site. Wrt the copy, i already know that i need data and feedback as someone trying to start up a business. To me, the value that this provides is that i don't have to spend months trying to find 300 people to even sign up for my newsletter, much less give me feedback on the idea. So your h1 should speak to that. Make it punchy and make me stop scrolling and think "damn this is exactly what i need..."

    something like "validate your idea in minutes, not months" or "instant feedback from 300+ users"

    i like that this is productized and i can see pricing for each type of survey right in the hero. i do have questions about the logos since you don't explicitly specify that this service is used by these companies. have you consulted for them in the past or something?

    maybe its my personal bias since i'm coming from IH knowing that you're adding logos trying to up conversion rates, but it might be better to be transparent and say like "our work is trusted by" if you just did some contract surveying for them, or if they're actually paying clients then "used by" can help clear that up. just don't want to come off as not trustworthy by being vague with that stuff.

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      GREAT thoughts. Thanks.

      The client logos are paying customers of my other brand, PeopleFish. They bought very similar products. I'm still working out details of how to legally set MR4S up (as its own brand vs. as part of my existing brand), so that might affect how I should talk about those clients.

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    I think your landing page is great and communicates what you offer. I agree with the Shaunau regarding putting the 'Stop guessing' section at the top because it clearly explains how you deliver on your value prop.

    The one thing that's not immediately clear is what does this $99 offer include? Is it pitching an idea or a/b testing it, or is it all of that in a single package? Might be good to bundle it up and clarify. :)

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      It's $99 per project. Users can pitch which one they'd like to run.

      I'll think about how to make this clearer.

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    IMO this section should be at the top. I’d shorten the paragraph as well.

    Stop guessing.
    Start asking.
    Our tools empower you to get same-day feedback from your target market. Learn exactly what consumers want so you can make better decisions. No more guessing!


    Same-day feedback from your target market. Learn exactly what consumers want and make better product decisions.

    ..Or something like that.


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      I agree with Shaunau the stop guessing should be first and body test more concise. Your content is all there but I would shuffle the sections I bit.

      1. stop guessing...
      2. Market research tool...
      3. logos with appropriate titles (I'd use them only once instead of twice) make them bigger and middle align the section.
      4. survey tools
      5. pricing - the copy can be more clear. I would put $99 on the right side of the text

      I am a product designer so some quick design observations -
      Apart from the excellent points @AbhinavJain has raised.

      The sections are all left aligned some of them could be centrally placed. It reads better and draws more attention.

      • The CTA get started button can be in the middle and you can use it twice (right after the top section and then again the bottom)
        -Survey tools can be centrally aligned and small paragraph text middle aligned.

      Good luck :)

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      Thanks. Good thoughts.

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    Congratulations on building your landing page! Being a UI UX Designer I love looking at Landing Pages, here are my suggestions:

    • On Mobile Devices, the menu doesn't show up. I'm guessing the text is set to white.
    • I'd move the $99 on the cards to top, example- Pitch an Idea - $99 or below it in a bigger font size. Right now, it's not giving the sense of 'pricing'. If you wanna keep it there, then why not rewrite it as something like 'starts from just $99'
    • Looking for something custom kind of goes out of sight, I'd create another card for it with a gradient background based on your brand colors so people could see it and I am assuming a lot of your target audience will have Custom Requirements.
    • The trailing text color needs to be a little lighter, it's quite same like the heading color which is hindering with the visual hierarchy.
    • Thise undraw images, I think those doesn't look best and does not go with your brand colors. You can find much better copyright free images.
    • The animations, I'd suggest you use fade-ins as those are most subtle and pleasing to the eyes. Or if you really wanna take things to the next level (which will help you make the webpage look like a brand), use Gsap.

    Just my two cents, I've just viewed the website on the mobile right now. And don't forget you already did awesome!

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      I agree about undraw. Suggestion for finding better images?

      I'll try fade-ins. Thanks.

      And about having another card for "Custom" -- I did have that at first, actually, but five cards horizontally just got crowded, in my opinion. What do you think?

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        Umm, just spent around 5 minutes in inspect element, it was fun. What's your thoughts?


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          Looks great! I'll do something like this.

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    94 views, 60 clicks, two comments.

    I wonder what everyone is thinking...

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