Job Board For Space Industry - Cofounders Needed

Alright so I've decided to build the job board for companies from space industry and I believe it will take me around 2-3 months at worst.

The job board will be the first functionality of the MVP. I want it to grow in the future. But I'm only one person, so I'm looking for ideally 1 member as investor and the other one as a co-founder with the marketing/content/copy-writing skills.

I didn't run any company yet. That's why it would be great to have at least one business partner, who have helped companies grow in the past.

If anyone is interested in this journey leave a comment bellow, hit a like btn and send me an intro email.

PS: It would be great if you are from the EU.

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    Despite its size in billions of dollars or euros, aerospace industry is not that big in terms of people count. Space is even sparser. The networks are a bit tight and people do know each other. So, that market is not as inefficient as say finding day laborers, or retail workers or gig workers...

    What is more interesting and exciting to you? the job board? or the space industry? by divorcing the two themes you might be able to open yourself to other ideas/possibilities. Unless of course you are dead set on the space industry job board idea.

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      The job board is to be the first functionality of the app, since It's the fastest way to start earning right from the start. But the goal is to build something bigger.

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        Great. So the job board comes first. BTW, I have been working in aerospace for the past 25 years. I have interviewed hundreds and hired dozens of people in this sector.

        One of the problems with most job boards is that they are built on the resume format. The resume format promotes people who are good at writing resumes, or who have pedigrees, not necessarily people who are good at what they do.

        May be your job board can fix this problem.

        If you are interested, I can share some of my insights and can provide some specific recommendations. Is there a way to DM you on Indie Hackers?

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          Yup, I've email provided. I'll welcome all insight :D

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    Cool idea! Definitely early but not necessarily a bad thing if you can wait it out.

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      Thanks, thats the idea 🚀🚀🚀

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    Why space industry and what do you know about space industry ?

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      1. Expected dynamic growth in the next few years, since there are more private companies with each passing year.
      2. Small Competition in space job boards and socials
      3. High risk right now, but even higher rewards (persistance and continuous developemnt is the key)
      4. I've got a kick ass domain name ;p

      Personally it looks to me like a crypto industry around 2-3 years ago, with a hype but not yet on the global scale.

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    wrong place to look for investors, but good luck with the project

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      Thanks, most likely you are right, but you never know ;p I've found today some money in my winter jacket and I didn't expect it either.

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