Landing pages users

So who do you think that needs more landing pages?
All businesses? There are some niches that need more? What is your take on that?
It seems, or maybe is because that is what I see on Twitter and here that landing pages are only for tech business or somehow tech-related.
But I think it's broader no?
Can you share some examples

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    Great question. The first thing that comes to mind is

    1. Is it obvious what you do and what value you get from it. If it’s not, I lean to it needs a landing page?
    2. Are you playing in a known market, that with just one word, the visitors instantly understand it (i.e. banks - instant picture, buy now pay later - explain since I just know about credit cards)
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      Thanks for the answer.
      Yes for example the launching of a new product, or for example a restaurant that wants to start doing catering or already does but wants to grow that market. It makes sense for them right?

      But do they search for them? I mean, I don't see a restaurant owner sitting in the house and thinking maybe a landing page would help me...
      How you make that happen?

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        My 2 cents on those examples is it’s better not to have one. I already know what a restaurant is, what value I get from it, the kind of food.

        But if you’re opening a restaurant that serves a different purpose, would you consider it? For example, would you do it for a very expensive/unique experience, or cuisine that's not generally available in that area?

        Also, why are people going to a restaurant website anyways?

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          I can say why I go. I go to see their menu if they are open ( in corona times :)) and reservations.
          So to some instance makes sense that maybe in their webpage were some new info that lead me to a landing page...

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