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    How I came up with the idea:
    Back in 2005, I was working as a programmer for a New York media company. And when I worked at this media company, our editors always needed custom web forms for polls, questionnaires, contests and surveys. It was dull, tedious work — but it was part of my job. I started to think, what if I automated the process? I imagined a simple, drag-and-drop tool that made it easy to add fields and build a form, even if you didn’t know HTML.
    After I quit my job, I worked on this idea for six months and released the first version of Jotform in February 2006.

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      Big fan of jotform! Thank you for envisioning and building such a powerful product!

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      Used jotform in multiple companies in the last 10 years. Thank you for building such a great tool. You had great timing!

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      I came across Jotform way back around 2007-2008 and loved it. Don't use it currently but thanks for building such a great tool back when these tools hardly existed.

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      Hi @aytekin how do you gather feedback on jotform from your customers, I've developed https://nolly.io would you be open to check it out and offer some feedback
      thank you

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    How I came up with the idea:
    • When we built Beermoney, we tried advertising it on Reddit, in few huge subreddits. We thought that Reddit would be the ideal channel for us, because our target group lived there, and they were perfectly segregated in multiple communities, were pretty active and were always talking about their pain points.
    We tried going with Reddit Ads, and it didn't work for us - we spent a lot of money and had 0 conversions.
    Then, we tried doing it organically, by posting and commenting relevant stuff and marketing our application. It didn't work as well, because the mods deleted all of the content we posted.

    That's the moment when I decided to think "out of the box", and wrote a script that scraped these subreddits, extracted people that were talking about 'mobile apps', 'working on multiple platforms', etc., and sent a DM to all of them.
    In less than 14 days, we had 2000+ installs on PlayStore.
    That was our 'AHA' moment, and that's the moment we saw an amazing opportunity - direct outreach to potential leads on Reddit.

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      That's a very nice tool, will you create the Reddit accounts from your side, if someone wants to target use audience like Crypto?

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        We provide random high-karma accounts in the background, that look exactly like people (have profile pictures, posts & comments - human activity, few hundreds karma points, etc.), and we do the DMing from those profiles.

        We've had an idea to offer custom accounts, especially for the crypto/NFT niche, but it's still in the idea phase.

        If there's enough interest - sure, why not, we can customize them.

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      Been there, had that experience too, this is a great looking solution. Smart. Thanks for sharing, putting this in the probable marketing stack for a little closer to launch.

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    Product: Wickedtemplates.com

    Trigger: I was building wireframe templates with Bulma and they looked like crap, literally. I simply thought developers could use them as a starting point using the layouts.

    Did not work, despite landing in 5th place PH, it didn't really work.

    So I just revamped all the templates into Tailwind templates and now they are selling by themselves.

    You can see the sale page too!


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    I'm working on https://shroud.email/. It's an email privacy service.

    I saw some other, similar services popping up, but all of them felt a bit half-hearted or were missing crucial features. I'm building the tool that I want to use.

    In short: it's fully open-source, runs on renewable energy in the EU, and has advanced features like blocking spy pixels in emails. Most of the other tools out there just run on top of AWS's email service and don't block trackers or anything, which is the most important part to me!

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      So you were using other services before realizing the problems and starting shroud.email ?

      And who are your primary target customers at the moment?

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        Yeah, I tried a few, but none really checked all the boxes. All had something missing.

        Target customers are privacy-conscious people, the type of person who uses DuckDuckGo etc. I think it's a pretty niche thing at the moment, but I think that's gradually changing.

        I've toyed with the idea of a free tier (I think privacy tools should be easily accessible), but I want to make sure I can sustain it first.

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    Hello there 👋

    Link: https://www.inspectflow.io

    I built Inspect Flow when I started working with Tailwind CSS. I initially built it as a tool to solve my own problem, then later learned that other Tailwind CSS developer were facing similar problems.

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      This is pretty cool & such a time saver. Had wasted a lot of time manually tinkering in the browser's inspector.

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        thank you for the feedback @goutham8 !! 😊

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      Wow! This is an amazing product. I, myself, have kept away from Tailwind CSS due to how verbose it is (I like having my CSS structured using Scss and BEM) but your product might persuade me to try Tailwind, so, thank you for developing it!

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        thank you @nickgatzoulis !! 😊 really appreciate the comment, let me know if you have any questions

        SCSS + BEM is something I haven't yet tried myself but I'm seeing the benefits when it comes to reusability!

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    Heh. Love this question!


    How I came up with the idea
    My partner and I were spending hours and hours distracted online. For my partner (Arlex), it was endless Youtube rabbit holes about basketball, crypto, funny memes, etc. For me, it was Netflix binge-marathons. Kid you not, I was watching whole seasons of Netflix shows in one day. Then, little by little, we realized this was not healthy nor productive. This was not what our potential was and how our life was supposed to be spent.

    Arlex was the first who wanted to change and improve. That’s when he read David Goggin's book, “Can’t Hurt Me.” It inspired cold showers, waking up early, runs rain or shine, and wanting to learn and be better. He kept telling me to do the same - but ha I didn’t :P.

    I remember this quote he told me: “There are 86,400 seconds in a day. You either grow or decay. Are you growing or decaying?” I responded “Ha. I just watched 5 episodes of Parks and Recreation.” That was the first moment I wanted to improve. And of course, he inspired me.

    He started taking coding courses and ended up learning full-stack development. And he knew exactly what problem he wanted to use it for: help others eliminate their internet distractions.

    I sheepishly asked “Can I help? :)”

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    I'm a do-it-your-self type of person. Dig in deep when deciding to purchase anything, learn about a topic, learn a new skill, try a software tool and decide what to buy. I value quality of experience.

    Over the years I've watched how the internet has become a cess-pool. Filled with attention theft, affiliate farming, listicles... all resulting in poor quality and experiences. Additionally, I've noticed how for any app, tool or experience to move away from ads, you were stuck with only subscription based pricing.

    The options of usage based pricing, without interruption, that was simple and easy to use directly from consumers wasn't possible – until now. Once I dug into lightning network + bitcoin, I realized there was finally a technical + money based solution. Now I'm building Mash (getmash.com) to remonetize the web – enabling app and tool builders with a new business model that matches.

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    Initially started like tool that i used for myself. I have worked like freelancer and was involved into many projects that include full cycle: build & deploy & maintain for some time. So i had plenty ssh connections that i try logically group into projects/clients, first with my shell aliases, then try built in ssh config file, but still not fit me well, but continue using because nothing was better for me.

    Final point was when i moved to next project with pretty big team and with many microservices where IP changing for some service it is pretty common situation, so i decide to make central point of ssh connections information:

    1. unique subdomain with tagged keyword to describe each ssh connection(prod.api.service.domain.com)
    2. Pattern search from CLI to quick find domain using keywords

    Well so far works for me and few beta testers, but continue working on it to provide more smooth ssh workflow.

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      cool, nice user/dev experience problem to solve!
      solved it with bash alias'es, but this looks more future proof :)

      The <title> on your website still says ssh2-vue-app, you might want to add a more descriptive title there

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        Hey, nice catch about title, will fix asap.
        Yeah used aliases before as well

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    How I came up with the idea:
    I wanted to create an SEO tool that was affordable and simple to use. I've been running my own SEO agency for over a decade, so I know how important SEO is for every business.

    I decided to niche down to SaaS / digital product makers, but KatLinks works for any business that wants to improve its SEO.

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    Emailchaser.io - find anyone's email address, even if it isn't publicly available.

    My friend who works in sales showed me how he and his company were finding email addresses for potential clients. They were using multiple different tools in a very inefficient way. I realized that there was potential to improve this process through an easy to use website.

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    Link: https://testkit.app

    How I came up with the idea:
    At my old job, we struggled to test our web application. We didn't want to spend too much time testing as we had a lot of things on our to-do list, but we also didn't want to not test at all.
    Writing tests, with whichever framework, was not a good option. Almost all frameworks needed workarounds or tweaks for some use cases, and it took way too long to write end-to-end and visual regression tests for the application. So we were looking for something without code - which we found, but it always lacked features or support for particular use cases unless you create your own workaround.

    I wanted to solve this problem once and for all - so I created Testkit.

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      Brillant ! I love end to end testing.

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      Currently looking at building another side project with Selenium. Will check out TestKit!

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        If you want a demo and access to Testkit, feel free to DM me on Twitter! :)

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    Building https://ExtenDM.com

    I was looking for ideas to work on and just decided to take small actions, when I found a tweet. It asked for a specific service that solved a problem for this person. It took 2 seconds to decide on it, an hour to act (domain, landing page) an a little bit of guts to post a "challenge accepted" tweet.

    That's over a week ago and I've been enjoying working on it, focused, every evening for a few hours.
    It's almost ready to beta test and my biggest success already is the execution on the idea to launch.

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    👉🏻 Raport 👈🏻

    Over the years me and my co-founder managed several different online projects. Not too big, so we didn't have a budget for data team or enterprise grade analytics solution. With each project we were frustrated with the complexity of data analytics process. Especially how time-consuming it is.

    We found ourselves jumping between browser tabs, comparing metrics (SEO, Ads, Revenue, Web, Social media), exporting, merging data and gathering insights. All that so our projects could grow in the most efficient way.

    The problem was, that growth, even when defined as increase in just one or two metrics, required improvement in lots of secondary ones. These secondary metrics were scattered across different dashboards and different apps.

    We wanted to change that and put all important metrics in a single, easy to use dashboard. That's basically how we built Raport, an app that integrates all your business data in one place.

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      I would use something like this but I can't due to user data privacy restrictions. Do you have any plans to offer an open source version? Or one that we can run on our own servers?

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        What exactly do you mean by user data privacy restrictions?

        We don't have any open source version at this point.

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          We can't have any user data (in small or bulk) stored on servers we don't control.

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            Oh, ok. Where do you work that you have this type of restrictions? That may be an important info for us

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    How I came up with the idea:
    A lot of my friends and other people I speak to around my age don't seem to have a financial plan, either because they don't care or because retirement is too far in the future to grasp. So I decided to gamify the experience of financial planning and created a sandbox game where you can see how your the decisions you make now will affect your future.

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      love the windows environment and the game seems very detailed. How long did this take you to build?

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        I think it was around a couple of months of work, mainly just in the evenings and the weekend

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    When on Twitter and other forums people started telling about their acquiring small projects. How they grow them and leave their daily jobs.

    I realized that there should be a space for companies and individuals who acquire micro-startups and then build up freedom by creating portfolio of these projects. It replaces their 9-5 jobs and they are free to travel and live life they always wanted.

    That's why I created Microns.io, place where people discover the best micro startups for sale.

    How I decided on the name? One of my cats called Micron, so it was exactly what I liked.

    Btw, would love to hear what others are doing :)

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    Link: https://chromeextensionideas.substack.com/

    How I came up with the idea:

    I was constantly seeing indie hackers coming up with ideas instead of solving existing problems. I'm solving that problem by serving existing problems with my newsletter that can be solved with a chrome extension.

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      Nice, I built a chrome extension and wondering how many subs you have? I would potentially be interested in marketing to your audience

      Link: https://kiktabcode.gumroad.com/l/zvqse

      How I came up with the idea:
      While learning, it can be difficult to find good examples and once you find a gem then it is important to be able to find that useful example again. I built this chrome extension so that you can save/bookmark pages and have all your favourite code in one place.

      Currently you can:

      1. Open a modal which shows just the code on the page so you can easily scan through all code examples in an article.
      2. Save & tag code examples in one place
      3. Each bookmark has a link so you can go back to the original page that the bookmark/saved code was on.

      Hope you enjoy, I am super excited to launch this. I have some big things coming up including a VSCode extension and a way to save notes on videos.

      Message me if you are interested, and want a discount.

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          hey, awesome. Reached out!

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    I started building MarketingPad to solve my own problem. My marketing had always sucked across my side projects. Why was it so bad? Mainly because I read so much information about marketing but didn’t have a good tool for organizing that knowledge and turning it into an action plan. Others I talked to also struggled with this. As a result, I decided to build a project management and strategy tool for marketing. Beta launch to early access users in February, sign up if you’re interested.

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      I wish your site had more information on it. I am curious, keep up the good work!

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    I sell google sheet templates and scripts. I wanted to be able to keep a sheet private while adding each individual buyer (via gumroad) as a viewer of a google sheet. In essence make a paywall more secure for Google Sheets. Figured out Gumroad sends buyer email addresses as JSON to Gumroad Ping and just need to parse that in a google script deployed as a webapp. The core is pretty much one line of code, but putting it into a google sheet and showing people how to set it up takes a lot of time. So I made some videos and packaged it up as a product.

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      This is quite an interesting idea, do you wish to share how many sales you have received?

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        634 "sales" . I put "sales" in quotes because it's free for Better Sheets Members. There's 3,000 members who got it free. Only some of them got it. And some people have bought only OnlySheets. all together there's 634 people who have access to OnlySheets right now. (of course all 3k have access but have taken advantage of it)

        Actual sales: 61: for $1,220 revenue.

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    A few years ago, I was working as a Test Automation Specialist.

    Automated testing for websites was a painful process.

    You had to stitch together an overcomplicated internal framework, by using Selenium and other libraries.

    And if you wanted to run your tests on multiple browsers at the same time, you had to pay overpriced subscriptions for slow services like BrowserStack or Sauce Labs.

    And integrating your tests with a CI/CD pipeline was a nightmare.

    I just felt that I could build a product that would solve all those problems.

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    Link: https://www.nolines.online

    I was in line for my covid vaccine. I waited 5(!) hours under the sun, then under rain. I thought to myself, "hey maybe there's a better way to do this"

    Disclaimer: the website is extremely lacking right now. I'll improve that in the next few weeks!

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    How Twayobiz came to be
    I see services like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and even Google Drive. What if there was a service that let you customize the file-sharing page to your likings like Jotform, Typeform, SurveyMonkey, and Mightyforms? Now you can. Just go to our website listed above and you will get to customize the file-sharing page with your logo, brand colors, and more.

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      Hi @Sewellstephens, I checked your page and I was lost.
      I couldn't understand what this service actually does.
      You have many buzz words like "The most business friendly file management experience ever", "most robust features ever built" and "more robust features." but you don't actually tell me what are those great features and friendly experience.
      I think you'll have better results if you just state the value of the service instead of telling how great it is.
      Good luck :)

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        The features are listed when you scroll down to them image

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    How I cam up with the idea:
    Being a solo developer, I found existing crash reporting services, were 1, quite expensive when I was making little to no money, but also found some of them had so many feature, integrations and unncessary data within the crash report that it became too complicated and burden to manage especially as there was little control to how the reports were notified.

    Therefore I built Crash Catch to keep crash reporting simple and easy to understand focussing on the core requirements to find where a project no matter the development stack used is throwing an error and release a new fix as soon as possible.

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    Ten years ago me and my co-founder wanted to start our own bootstrapped startup. We initially started out building a different product, and to work together on the business we were looking for an online place to store all our docs, share sketches, files, receipts and so on. We looked at some intranet solutions but they were all super complicated and aimed at huge companies. So we start building a tool with an easy block-based editor and it turned out a lot of other companies also wanted a simple way to build a team wiki or company intranet. Launched it in '12, grew it ever since and it became our main product ;). The product is called Papyrs -- https://papyrs.com

    As a fun new challenge for this year, we're actually building a new startup from scratch, where we want to share all the steps we're taking along the way. We also wrote a little about how we pick ideas. You can read more at https://80daystartup.com/ if you're interested (the articles are a bit too long to paste here, maybe I should do a recap at some point)

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    Link: https://orderly.so

    We created Orderly to create a simple WhatsApp based store for Indian small businesses. My co-founder has been in this space for a while and understands the target audience. We brainstormed for weeks and created an easy yet very effective solution for them that they could use to take orders from their customers on WhatsApp.

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      This is really cool. You should localize it for the Russian market - and maybe even for Instagram (if that's even possible). Many people there purchase things over Instagram and WhatsApp. Probably in other countries as well (except the US, they haven't discovered WhatsApp yet).

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    I have created Pau: http://pauapp.com

    And the reason behind it is: I got "like a PM" role on the company I work with, so I had to look at different projects resources frequently, and I used lost time looking where I have saves the information/dashboard/requierments/etc, so I decides to create a product to stay focused on what I'm doing, get the information I'm looking for the easiest way. Thats how I created Pau 🙆🏻‍♀️

    Love to see what was the motivation from other people to create their product!

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    Link: https://www.sesmonitor.com

    I first started using Amazon (AWS) SES a few years back when sending out emails from cloud hosting was becoming a real problem. The majority of the big providers had their IP ranges scattered all over mail blocklists so SES was a great way to get around this. The downside of SES is that they're hot on maintaining a good sending reputation and too many bounces or complaints risks getting your account disabled. The idea came about when I had a registration form on a bit of software which sent an automated email upon successful registration which was of course routed through SES. This had no captcha protection and was one day flooded with thousands of automated submissions which of course had a drastic impact on my SES statistics making Amazon freeze my account until it was resolved. The problem was that I had no real way of knowing what was going on or that this had even happened.

    So, I built SES Monitor. It's a simple tool that monitors your AWS SES sending and lets you know right away if there are any issues i.e. bounces, complaints, etc. It also ties in nicely with people doing email marketing as you can export a list of the problematic recipients and then remove them from your email lists.

    I've had great feedback and the software has already improved drastically with more functionality on the way.

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    Link: https://essaygenius.ai

    How I came up with the idea:
    I'd been toying around for a while with the idea of trying to make a GPT-3 SEO tool. I use GPT-3 a lot in my consulting work for programmatic SEO, i.e. building out 1000s of landing pages at a time all answering different questions about a topic, and wanted to productise some of this process. I wasn't quite sure exactly how to do this, and figured in the meantime I'd build a simpler tool for some of the most prolific content writers around: students.

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    Link: https://kiktabcode.gumroad.com/l/zvqse

    How I came up with the idea:
    While learning, it can be difficult to find good examples and once you find a gem then it is important to be able to find that useful example again. I built this chrome extension so that you can save/bookmark pages and have all your favourite code in one place.

    Currently you can:

    1. Open a modal which shows just the code on the page so you can easily scan through all code examples in an article.
    2. Save & tag code examples in one place
    3. Each bookmark has a link so you can go back to the original page that the bookmark/saved code was on.

    Hope you enjoy, I am super excited to launch this. I have some big things coming up including a VSCode extension and a way to save notes on videos.

    Message me if you are interested, and want a discount.

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    I was listening to My First Million podcast and Shaan mentioned that each day he asks himself this question: If I could re-do today, what would I do differently? I started doing the same and it has absolutely changed my life.

    So this project is an effort to wrap this practice into a digital experience.

    We're probably a 2-3 weeks from lunching the first iteration.

    Hoping this will impact as many people as possible the same way it has impacted me!

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    How I came up with the idea:
    During the development of Flutter Apps I always built (custom) widgets, logic or screens, which I later used in the same way or slightly modified in other apps. That's when I came up with the idea for a library of useful, reusable Flutter code snippets that you can simply copy and paste into your own projects and modify as needed.

    1. 1

      nice, I built a related app for bookmarking code examples with my chrome extension. If you want, send me your email and I will send you a copy of Link: https://kiktabcode.gumroad.com/l/zvqse

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    How I came up with the idea:
    I was always fascinated by psychology, especially in marketing. I wanted to create a cheat sheet for myself with all the cognitive biases (psychology principles) that influence your customer's mind. Why? BEcause the best companies in the world already use something like it, so why not get to the same level as they are.

    So I created a cheat sheet with over 150+ biases + the biggest library of viral marketing case studies to see the most creative and effective marketing practices there are

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    I was traveling with a friend in Berlin and wanted to share the trip with our other friends that couldn't come. Whatsapp is not good enough as I wanted to post often without disturbing and also whatsapp doesn't have a section that isolates a story

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    I was frustrated with the outdated content and the quality of the courses offered at my university so I decided to create a course I and my classmates would have liked to take ourselves.

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    I love memes and reaction GIFs, and wanted one place where I can save them for easier access, and discover other peoples' collections :)

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    My story:
    In the initial days of the first lockdown in India, I joined a digital agency to work with one of the biggest video influencers/creators and ended up as a content designer and manager at the agency. I worked their for a while for free to learn about the video industry, and I was among the people who used to mange to entire backend process, during this process, I thought of creating a more simplified version for mid-sized YouTube creators to launch and grow their video content business. It's easy for influencers but difficult for mid-sized creators.

    That's when I contacted my collegemate and we started working on the product Cruspo, with a vision to "Make commerce simple for global content creators." We pivoted twice around our business model, icp and other stuff... Cut to today, we are now ready to build it in public and now it's open for all creators to give it shot and grow their video content business...

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    Product: dilo

    I spent 6 months in a surf camp. Every week a new group of 20 or so people would come. I didn't want to add them all to my social profile, and still I wanted to do things with them.
    I wanted to join their activities: surf lessons, walking tours, sunset watching, etc. I kept on missing out of cool plans just because I was 10 mins after the plan was arranged, and everyone was gone.
    I thought there should be a way of knowing [and joining] the plans of other people, specially when we are all in a new place.

    dilo finds others who want to do the same as you, so you don't hang out alone.

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    Link: https://dqbui3295.gumroad.com/l/RyGWZ (you can use code "Indiehacker" to get 15% off)

    My product is a database of 50+ profitable products/businesses built with No-Code. A lot of people on Indiemaker and No-Code communities such as Makerpad or Subreddit No-Code have been asking about how successful products built with No-Code have really been, and if there's any pattern among them. Folks also want to know how No-Code tools have been used and any pros/cons to know when selecting such tools.

    Thus I did some research - a lot of reading and web-scraping (with No-Code tools such as SimpleScraper and ParseHub) to put together this database. I tried to build prototypes myself with 13 No-Code tools to compare them with each other.

    Let me know what you think!

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    I'm getting started with making music a bit later in life, and so felt a bit defeated and overwhelmed with learning the language of music and the ropes of music theory. I flipped that on its head by deciding to build interactive and visual tools around it as I'm learning it.

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    The Product:
    Prodsee lets everyone on your team share documents, files, images or links and provides structure to help you organise it so it's always easy for anyone to find.

    How I came up with the idea:
    I was reading "The $100 startup" and one of the early lessons is to focus on things that you know well. I've worked in software product teams for over 10 years and am building the product to scratch my own itch hoping it'll solve a problem for other people in a similar situation. In companies a lot of great work gets done but it's quickly lost. For example we might run experiments or do research but after a few months things get forgotten and aren't referenced again as teams change people and priorities. A lot of times work has to get re-done just because old documents can't be found. Solving that is why I started Prodsee!

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    Notion investment dashboard 📈
    Gumroad listing.
    Live on PH right now.

    How I came up with the idea?
    I absolutely love Notion and use it as my single source of truth for nearly everything. I personally prefer not to have dozens of apps for different purposes. If I can bring it into Notion without losing functionality/performance then I will.

    A place to track, research and analyse investments that allowed customisation was tricky to come by. I built the dashboard to solve my own problem validated it by sharing with ideas before building. For me, it offers the ability to customise the space as I desire which I find is limited in other investment trackers.

    Would love to hear any feedback the IH community may have!

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    How I came up with the idea:
    In 2018, I was working in marketing at a B2B SaaS startup. I used Mixpanel every day to understand how users engaged with our platform.

    At the same time I was building a project in Webflow on the side. It initially started out as an interviews site but then became more advanced with a directory, filters and more features.

    I realised having a tool like Mixpanel that integrated well with Webflow (but was a lot simpler to set up) would make it much easier for me to know which features users cared about or didn't.

    However, since I didn't know how to build an analytics app (I only coded small projects on the side), I didn't move forward with the idea. Then in early 2020, I had enough experience where I felt I could put together an MVP, which I launched in June 2020.

    Since then I had a friend join me as co-founder and we re-built the entire app. We recently re-launched a V2 which is much more robust and we're growing steadily.

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    I wanted to build a tool for stock market and crypto investors that was really oriented to long-term.

    Most sites today are focused on real-time candles, news & flashing indicators.

    I wanted something clean, fast, ad-free and focused on fundamentals. I began to build a screener for dividend stocks, then began to build a personal wealth manager where you can build and analyse the performance of your own portfolios independently of the brokers you may use.

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    An AI that answers StackOverflow questions

    How I came up w/ the idea:
    I hated using StackOverflow. So much time wasted on scrolling posts, and I'd never ask a question myself cause I didn't want ppl to be rude to me or just not answer at all.

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    I came up with it when I bought the domain to sell it. But I saw how the niche all had the same info on their sites.

    Thought I could stand out by having different content

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    A little late to the party, but mine's a lot different than all =/


    From the about page

    Many great stories start with a cataclysmic event and so does this one. According to the divorce agreement I signed several years ago I would bear the primary financial responsibility for my kids. The implementation of this plan quickly became problematic. The issue was that my ex-wife would want me to buy specific things for our children, like a particular pair of shoes or some pajamas or a child-friendly toothpaste, some books, school supplies and so on. The underlying theme was that she wanted specific things and there were several of them every few weeks and they all lived in my ex-wife's Amazon shopping cart.

    Now having successfully escaped directly financial relationship I did not feel comfortable just handing over my credit card to her. So as any other modern, curious human, I, erm, googled for answers 🤣. To my complete surprise there was no way to transfer a list of items between shopping carts or shopping lists on Amazon. Not from the vendor directly and not from anyone else either. There was really only one way to do this through wish lists and to say that it's as annoying as it sounds is not nearly descriptive enough to explain the pain of that process.

    Following several days of crushing despair, I realized that I had all the skills necessary to fill this interesting gap. So, I sat down and created the first version of what was to become the Share-A-Cart suite of products: the browser add-on that allows one user to pack their cart with items and then, with a single click (‼️), generate a code for the contents of that cart which then could be passed to another user to be loaded directly into their Amazon shopping cart.

  46. 3

    I came up with the idea for Explain Code App -> https://www.explaincode.app/

    After spending several months working with GPT-3 for https://www.Tenably.app

    I felt that the tools I created for Tenably could be used by people individually. This was validated while browsing various coding groups with many looking for explanations of there or other peoples code.


  47. 3

    0Browser is what I creatd while I was trying to create a system that analyzes educational multimedia content (tutorials, video training, etc). I wanted a way to scrape Youtube or other systems. Headless Browser is one of the best ways to scrape data from web. 0Browser came out of my pain to easily scrape this conetnt using Puppeteer. I wanted to scale up automatically depending on data freshness. The faster you scrape data more fresh it is. Then you can scale down and bring your cost to $0. This way you can process data faster and reduce your cost. Please visit 0browser and let me know what you think. I am suuper happy to help you get onboard, no matter what your need is. I want to create the best Headless Browser system out there. My challenge for 2022 is to prove this using benchmarking tools. Stay tune for Blog on this topic. (Please report bug this will help us get closer to my dream).


  48. 3


    I was introduced to the concept of user manuals on a team that was trying to reframe how it operated together. One of the things we tried, which seemed to work pretty well, was using a document that simply told our teammates what we needed to thrive at work – how we wanted to be approached for feedback, what our communication style was, etc.

    A few months ago I saw someone mention a similar concept on Twitter and I dug around and found a whole series of articles on Quartz and read about the tech founder who had mentioned this first back in 2013 in an interview. Since I'm a Notion fanatic, I figured this would be a great template – so I put together a sort of "guide to getting your team started with user manuals" as well as the actual portal through which a team could set them up.

    I'm also working on a Google Docs version since I think there's a lot of creators in Notion who are working alone but fewer teams who are working together on Notion, so the niche feels pretty small.

  49. 3


    The idea is to learn how to create full stack react applications. I realized react has a steep learning curve(even for me) so I created this newsletter to help someone by sending reactjs tutorials to their email. As I learn everyone learns too.

  50. 3


    How I came up with the idea:
    As a backend engineer I found myself having to vocalize the software architecture and write Jira tickets constantly. I found this process tedious as the team I was working on never had the most up to date idea on what to build. Astory’s goal is to reinvent the process of building software to start with the design first. A team using Astory will first design the system; The design will parse their design into scrum tasks. These tasks can be exported to a team’s preferred scrum provider. In addition, teams can update their system diagram and Astory will conduct a comparison between which new tasks are required and re-serialize the diagram.

  51. 3

    Product: https://wrap.so/

    When building an earlier company, I would spend hours capturing and editing screenshots from the web to share online or in a pitch deck. The process involved ⌘⇧4'ing some website or app, pasting the screenshot into my design software, cropping, centring, styling, and finally exporting to a suitable format. I took a while and I figured the process could be streamlined with a browser extension.

    Hence, Wrap was born.

  52. 3


    I like to build various projects and oftentimes I wanted to monetize them. My problem was that I couldn't understand what kind of problems I should solve, for whom. I went to Reddit, Google, and some forums to see what people discuss, then tried to ask them what things do they struggle with the most. Despite answers or the lack of them, it's difficult for a person to understand some community problems w/o being a part of it. I'm a software engineer and a construction director tell me about some issue in the domain, can I understand it? Yes, but superficially.

    However, it's still better than imagining some not existent ideas and problems, it's better to have the real-world ones. So I decided to automate this process of searching for such problems. I built a tool that could filter Reddit posts and comments and determine if it's a potential problem to solve, its importance.

    After building the solution, I understood it's hard to attract early users. Also, I knew the tool could be doing more than just filtering for a particular use case (finding a problem to solve). I decided to pivot to solve a few mine issues: searching for users, market research, and monitoring the information on Reddit.

  53. 3

    How we came up with the idea of Scrintal:

    One of my co-founders, Ece, was struggling with connecting different components of her research notes while doing her PhD. As the research involved conducting 60 interviews and doing in-depth literature review, it created a clutter of disconnected info. The process of converting all the notes into a thesis wasn't fun.

    So we decided to build a tool that would help people think clearly by allowing them to visually see, organise and connect all their thoughts over an infinite canvas in one place to get the big picture.

    We gave a visual twist to networked note-taking that was originated by tools like Roam or Obsidian.

    We released the alpha v.1 in December and are slowly progressing to v.2 in February.

  54. 3


    Got scammed twice out of college looking for a job on Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Signed up for their API and removed all ads, spam, and scam for others. All that's left are legit jobs straight from the company's site.

  55. 3


    What is ramen.Network?

    ramen.Network is a free platform for freelancers where they get a lean marketing page. Freelancers on our platform get to own their reputation, show their personality as well as their best work.

    Our mission is to ultimately build a marketplace built for freelancers first. Unique profiles instead of ‘people per hour’ and fair pricing instead of high marketplace fees for each contract. We launched a beta and are now talking with users to learn and improve ramen.Network - building a product which freelancers will love.

    Interestingly, thus far the vast majority of people signing up to our platform have been developers. We’ll see if that trend holds.

    How we came up with the idea

    My cofounder, Lisa and I met while participating in a European DeepTech accelerator. I’ve long noticed an asymmetrical and exploitative relationship between companies and gig workers. The accelerator we were in had us work on an idea for 6 months and then when we decided to leave, we left with nothing and didn’t receive a cent for our efforts. I knew that my next project would have to involve somehow redressing the power imbalance between workers and employers.

    As part of this redress, we formed our venture studio ramen.Labs with a mission to build projects and once they show proof of value, hand them over to start-up enthusiasts who want to be co-founders. This way, anyone joining us gets into a project that already shows potential in the form of revenue or users. Thereby reducing the risk for participants and making a more equitable relationship between our studio and participants.

    ramen.Network is our first major project. The freelancer market is pretty much focused on the client right now so we saw an opportunity to build something where the power imbalance can be swung closer to the freelancer making the relationship between freelancer and client less exploitative and more equal.

    How we came up with our name

    Credit goes to my co-founder, Lisa for coming up with the name. Eating ramen noodles seems to be associated with start-up culture in shows and movies so that was partly why she chose it. I also like inverting the slight negative of having to live of ramen and turning into a positive

    We would love to get feedback from anyone who may find value in a platform like ours. I’d like to personally onboard freelancers so feel free to arrange a short Google Meet chat through my calendly: https://calendly.com/damian_smith

  56. 3


    What it is
    All-in-One wellness program for professionals. The main mission is to reduce burnout and increase productivity in a gamified manner.

    How the idea appeared
    My co-founder and I kept discussing in the pandemic different ways we were coping with all the restrictions, lockdown, work from home and at some point actually went through burnout.

    We are very fond of taking care of ourselves and we invested some time reading articles, listening to scientists and specialists in neuroscience, wellness, sleep and so on. Therefore, we decided to put all our tools/findings into one place so it would be easier for us to use and at the same time, all who would use it daily, would feel better and would stop burnout in its early phases.

  57. 3

    👋, I am building Cronocloud.com ⏱.

    How I came up with the idea

    Back in my first startup I decided to let my employees work at times that they wanted. I developp a small time tracking app (only for our internal purposes). Later I sold my first app and decided to run a new saas. I wanted to build a tool I could use (and love ❤️) every single day .

    That's why I decided to launch my own time-tracking saas, because I was using time-tracking software for years, I tought it would be great to use mine 🤓.

  58. 3

    As a consultant, I am often tasked with documenting the data pipelines I create for my customers. I felt I was constantly reinventing the wheel trying to keep the documentation up to date. Decided to create this open source project as a first step in creating a source-agnostic way to automatically generate documentation for datalake and big-data projects.

  59. 3


    How I came up with the idea:
    I was working at a startup, first as engineer then as engineering manager for over 7 years. During that time, I noticed the JavaScript stack getting increasingly out of date, and upgrading it was not a priority. However, this caused pain in the development teams - "Backbone is the new Cobol". P42 aims to make working with legacy codebases, refactoring and modernizing them easy.

  60. 3

    🔗 Link:

    💡How I came up with the idea:

    While scrolling r/internetisbeautiful I got this idea to make a one-page site that showcases 5 amazing and useful websites.

    For a new website, click see more.

  61. 3

    Link: https://sociomata.com/

    How I came up with the idea:

    I was using Twitter and wanted to schedule threads. None of the mainstream social media management tool allowed it. This was the point when we realized this is a good niche and we should be creating a tool for the purpose. Fast forward, we now have other content management features like Drafts and Plug Tweets apart from scheduling and image support. If anyone reading this is interested in using our product, just reply me or email me at shashwat@sociomata[dot]com. I will get you onboarded personally over a Zoom call.

  62. 3


    Several years ago, I was browsing popular e-commerce sites to find the best deal for a Samsung Galaxy S6 that I wanted to buy. Comparing prices was a manual (and tedious) process, and then it occurred to me: what if I could automate all this.
    I wasn't familiar with the term "web scraping" at that time. So I began reading about it and found that it's a big horizontal market with many applications (price monitoring, lead generation, data aggregation, and such).
    Web scraping requires coding knowledge, especially for complicated sites, and I wanted to create a no-code tool that allows people to easily set up scraping with a point-and-click interface.
    And so DataGrab was born. :)

  63. 3


    In 2018, I was working on various projects that needed to keep track of product analytics and results of web crawling jobs. Specifically, I wanted to be able to atomically increment values securely across a different number of clients, without creating a schema upfront. Yes, there was Redis, but I wanted a simple HTTP API that could be run from curl. I also wanted wanted an excuse to build a side project, so all logic went out the window. KVdb.io was born as a weekend project, but took maybe 2 months of full-time effort to launch.

    It started out as a simple HTTP API on top of the Badger key-value engine, but it ballooned in with other features and unnecessary wheel reinventions. For shits and giggles, I decided to add a Lua scripting environment so i could do some server-side processing. That was extended into its own Lua API, so you could write actual server-rendered apps with it. Nobody except me uses that feature, and thank god i didn't integrate a full V8 JavaScript VM into it.

  64. 3

    Shortcast - https://short-cast.club

    Back during 2020, the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was stuck at home doing my day job and felt the need to be out in the world. Here is when I started my journey as a creator choosing my go-to medium that is audio. The moment I started creating content in form of podcasts, my fascination for the medium turned into a disappointment as I had to go through a long process of creation - record, edit, host, and more, as well as all these stages, made me hop on multiple tools. This made me sick.
    That is when Shortcast was born. The core premise was what if everything between recording and sharing can be done in just two clicks just like sharing a tweet or sending a text?

    Shortcast is a social micro podcast app that lets you share your thoughts, ideas, and more as easy as sharing a tweet. As well as discover and engage with interesting stories from people around the world.

  65. 3

    I'm building Socials — an API to lookup social media links connected to a domain.

    This is born out of my love for structured data, domains, newfound interest in puppeteer, a forever itch to use Firebase’s Firestore (noSQL, people) and a mild annoyance I experienced when trying to solve this exact problem.

    In its current state, it’s a very niche deliverable where the product is really just the API — a single, unified source to lookup almost all social media accounts that belong to an individual, brand, company or virtually any domain.

    The real challenge (&, magic), is in having all the data in a structured (queryable?) format. Here are the things that I think we should be able to do, eventually —

    1. Given a domain, not just fetch the social media links but also the relevant, publicly available stats — which is not all that fancy, I’ll admit.
    2. Next is to be able to lookup multiple social links for the same brand. Imagine entering “netflix” & getting social data for it's .com, .co.uk etc. as the output.
    3. Also think about fetching the list of domains/brands that have specific social media profiles verified (yes, this is already being captured) or fetch those that have < or > a certain number of count against a particular stat in their profile.

    The possibilities with structured data is just bizarre!

  66. 3

    Twitter jobs board automates the process of searching job offers available on twitter. And I got this idea while reading a comment on reddit post.

  67. 3


    Last year, our team took 500 interviews for 5 positions spending 500 hrs of their project time, due to this my project deliverable got impacted. I was thinking at that point of time, why there shouldn't be an outsourced technical interview panel, from whom the first round on tech interviews could be done and we need to focus only on the shortlisted profiles for the second round, so our engineers time are saved. this is how VProPle-born to interview

  68. 3


    I came up with the idea originally after using a number of different Standup bots for Slack and all of them either were far too complicated for what I needed or were missing the feature set I was looking for.

    1. 1

      Please tell me you're talking about Standup Comedy... 😀

  69. 3

    Hello Indie hackers!

    My Name is Landon and I'm part of the Frontly app team, we are small and just getting started but excited to share.

    Frontly is a no code web app for front end development, think of Frontly as your personal front end developer. Create complex applications with powerful UI and design as easily as creating a landing page with a service like Wix or Square space.

    I know " No code" is a bit a a crowded and trending place at the moment. What sets us apart is our focus on supporting custom API's / data sources.

    We are currently in beta phase and are actively looking for great people to set up with frontly, completely free of charge. we'll help get you started, train you on the software and smooth any bumps along the way.

    If this is something that could help put the polish on you project, business or hobby then reach out and let us know!

    Thanks and hope to chat with some of you soon! - frontlyapp.com/

  70. 2

    Link: https://www.submetrics.co/

    When I was running my private paid communities I would track a bunch of metrics access all of the apps I use to gain insights and see trends. I wanted to automate that and save time.

  71. 2


    I came up with the idea when I built a side project that didn’t convert users. Unsatisfied with existing landing page builders and templates, I started building my own templates. Today, sleekpages.com offers templates for landing pages and bloggers, and I’m currently expanding the selection to include personal portfolios and more.

  72. 2

    http://www.bluesoleil.com/forum/thread-2-22080-1.html I think it is a really useful website and also it's very amazing to read about different businesses!! thank u!!!!

  73. 2

    https://skilledup.life - free talent for tech startups

    Building a tech company is damn hard. If you do not have capital it's even harder. Capital is mainly required for talent. What if I removed this problem and provide unlimited talent? What would this lead to building global tech companies?

  74. 2


    Back in 2020, I worked on a job board website builder and used LinkedIn to find potential clients. I contacted a few people through LinkedIn, but it took me a full day to write to 5 people, and then I forgot to follow up and shortly after gave that up. What I noticed was that most of the tools I've tried were buggy and overall poor UX using them.

    I knew I wanted a better version to exist and decided to build it. Now I'm using my own product to look for customers and hope I'll help more B2B startups to find their customers on LinkedIn.

  75. 2

    How I came up with the idea:

    I don't remember the exact date. I came up with this idea about 3-4 years ago. I saved the idea in the corner. I joined the hackathon 3 months ago and it occurred to me to make this idea. But I didn't win the hackathon. However, the organizer of the hackathon found my idea interesting. I saw the idea as a lost idea. He told me to test the idea and I've been developing it for about 45 days. It will be over soon.

    My idea is API builder with Nocode. Working with Notion! You can sell these APIs and earn passive income. I haven't published the site yet. I occasionally post updates on Twitter. I think I will post it this month. If you want to be notified when it is published with the link above, don't forget to save your e-mail.

  76. 1

    Product : POW ByteSync
    Link : https://www.pow-software.com/bytesync/

    How I came up with the idea:
    In my previous job, I often needed to check backup integrity with large volumes of data. This could involve different virtual machines and architectures and I needed the deployment and operations to be as fast as possible.
    That's how I started developing POW ByteSync.
    Then, when I realized that I couldn't find any software that only dealt with consitency checking, I understood that I had to go further to interest potential users. So I integrated synchronization features.

  77. 1


    What's the idea:

    Not a Diary is an SMS based journaling software that sends you journal entries in the form of text messages straight to your phone, everyday.

    How I came up with the idea:

    The idea for Not a Diary came from seeing and experiencing the growing mental health crisis in the United States. During the last few years many people all around the country and the world have been effected by a countless number of reasons that have lead to a decline in mental health. This was especially the case within the younger generation that were kept from going to school, learning, seeing their friends and family, and so much more.

    Seeing the younger generation, my generation go through this made me want to use my skills as an entrepreneur to help do what I can to solve this crisis. This is why I created Not a Diary as it brings journaling to them. No longer will people have to carry around books or download another app. With Not a Diary they can do it on their phone, wherever and whenever, straight from their messages.

  78. 1


    I created this to make a comment on crypto/web3

  79. 1

    codehound.app alt image text


    Happy to give 2 months trial for anyone here who needs it.

    As an Engineering manager, I lost an Engineer due to stale PRs last year. His pull requests were often ignored /not quickly reviewed by other Engineers.

    I spent the past three weeks developing an automation that integrates with Slack for PR reviews. It notifies the next person to action on a PR.

    Check http://codehound.app

  80. 1

    As someone who likes to curate tweets and bookmark them, it got pretty upsetting everytime I tried to find a tweet I'm my bookmarks and couldn't. Twitter Blue isn't available in my country yet so I made a tool to export, organise and search my bookmarked tweets. Contemplating building it for public use but I wrote all about it here 👇

  81. 1


    My marketing agency site was getting good traffic flow but didn't convert much through the contact form. But what if I used a free audit form instead? I build a simple MVP widget that allowed anyone to audit their site, for my own use. It worked and tripled my conversion rate.

    I've since built out the full app and hope to help more agencies capture more leads & win more projects.

  82. 1

    Turn your Screenshot into a nice Mockup 🚀

    How I came up with the idea:
    For me, it was pretty simple.
    For a long time I wanted to develop some kind of SAAS, however all my ideas were way too big to get started or my ideas just didn't motivate me.

    Some time ago I came across a service called "Screely" that basically does the same thing as UpMock, but in my opinion is missing a few more features that I am currently adding.

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