Looking for a Backend Co-Founder with Ai Experience

Hello, my name is David and I am building my first MVP! I am just getting into the world of tech and business. I plan to bring product design and business operations to the table for startups.

I am looking for a MERN stack developer to assist in creating an Ai based web app and possibly a marketing co-founder. I am handling the Front-End and UX/UI design.

I need someone that is experienced in MERN that can connect to the OpenAi api and handle backend/database logic as well as assist in some of the more technical front-end integration.

I would prefer US based due to time zones but would be open to anywhere.

I am trying to build a network of 3 to 5 developers and marketing experts to build tech products through Organic growth.

If interested, feel free to respond!

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    Hi! We tech company, let`s connect to have a chat. We can do this, we had realized AI projects.
    Our email is partnership@crystalogic.net

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    Hello David,

    We could connect to have a chat, i have developers i could refer that match your specification here is my mail address ayo.o@acumen.digital. I look forward to talking to you soon!

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    Hey David,
    Before searching a CTO, you can (and should) build a no-code MVP and launch.
    While getting users and feedback from them you can validate your idea.
    If you still need support from a MERN stack developer, feel free to message me:

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    Hey David, This is your/our lucky day.

    I'm an AI Engineer with years of experience in natural language processing, I'm done many projects using OpenAI's API. I have also used MERN stack to deploy my models to be easily accessible.

    I would love to work with you since we have complementary skills and bring products to market faster. It would be awesome to work as part of a team.

    Let's talk.

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    Hi David,

    I would love to connect and discuss the possibility of working together. We fulfill the role of a tech co-founder / CTO for multiple tech startups. We have plenty of experience with AI as well. Can you send me an email with some more info about the project? You can send it to nick@bytecode(dot)nl

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    Hi David, if you want to connect to openAI API, you don't need necessarily a MERN tech stack. Any tech should do actually. Until MERN is the tech you are best comfortable coding in. Even so, you should consider a micro-service approach. In that case you can build with any tech stack (mix and match different stacks too...if you want or need to), regardless.

    I am software engineer with about 14 years of experience. I have build software for, most back-end, for banks, insurance and telecom companies.

    Can you describe what your have in mind as far a product/problem(s) you want to solve?


    Richard M.

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      Hello, I appreciate the response! I do understand any tech stack would do, I am just most comfortable with MERN and I figure it to be easier to work in. I would be interested in hearing about the microservice approach.

      The issue I am trying to solve is actually pretty simple. I just want to feed JSON data to openAI, have it interpret the data, then give me a response relative to the dataset

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        Yes, I gather it is the case that you are more comfortable with a MERN stack. That's alright. The micro-service approach is basically, you break the different services in small instance(s), of each service in a container, docker is the standard now a days. They communicate between them through a REST api. There several advantages:
        1- cheaper cost of operation, you only spin as many instances as you need to adapt to your traffic.
        2-Since there are many instances of each service, if one goes down, the loadbalancer takes care of routing traffic to the ones that are alive and/or spin new instances if needed. Your site/service will never go down for more than a few microseconds, uptime all the way.
        3- You can implement super granular security for each services, if you need to, easily.
        4-As you engineering team grows, teams can be responsible of one micro-service , and each teams can evolve their micro-service independently of each other. Each team must document every endpoint for the other micro-service to be able to talk to each other. That's basically, the gist of micro-service software design.

        As for openai, if I understand correctly, what you want is https://openai.com/api/ . So openai is based on a tech called GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformers). These are models that have been trained from various dataset in order to answer specific questions. So you interact with it by asking specific questions and it gives you answers.

        You seem to need is data analysis. Your question seems to imply that you want find general information on your dataset, how much malformed datapoint, what is the average, mean, median, biggest or smallest datapoint, ect... From there you make a hypothesis of the feature you want to predict...and many other things. So knowing your dataset you build your predictive model, test it. And deploy it to production if satisfied with the training of model.

        Sorry for the long explanation. But it is important that you understand, the capabilities and limitations of openai transformers. Anyways, I hope that helps.

        p.s You can also go here: https://chat.openai.com/chat. Register and your try out chatGPT (ask it questions) in the browser.


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          I appreciate the long response! And I have been asking chatGPT questions and I actually had it build pretty much what I wanted, it was cool!

          There are openAi models that allow you to upload datasets and run a prompt on the data to get information about the dataset. ChatGPT can even do this with text prompts.

          Can you tell me which statement is the happiest?

          "I love my job!"
          "I hate my job!"
          "My job is meh..."


          "I love my job!" would be considered the happiest statement out of the three options provided. It expresses positive sentiment and a strong sense of satisfaction with one's job.

          I am now considering whether or not I should just use webflow and zapier connected to a mongoDB database to get the mvp out there versus using the full MERN stack.

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            If time to market is of utmost essence, then I would suggest to go with whatever tech (stack) that would allow to move fastest. Whatever works, for you, in the early stages of product development is good enough. Any engineering activity is always a tradeoff between competing priorities. So choices must be made.

            Also, in the end your users/customers don't care about what tech you use. They care about features that solve their pain points.

            However, be mindful that any tech choices combo incurs a "technical debt". This debt would have to be paid (a rewrite of your system with performance optimization for example), as you scale, if and when you scale. By the time you have that problem, chances are, your business will be in a good place (i.e your business is growing rapidly). Then that problem will be a good one to have.

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