Looking for a business co-founder who can handle sales

I currently work a data scientist/engineer. I’d like to start an agency that provides data services for small-to-mid-sized businesses. I have a prior experience of starting and running a web design agency for small businesses since its inception 4 years ago, which I still co-manage.

My target clients are companies that are big enough that they look to utilize data to make business decisions but not too big that they have an in-house data engineer/analyst.

My goal is to build custom data products (e.g. an interactive dashboard that they can view to monitor their sales performance across multiple channels) and provide data management solutions.

I’m looking for a business co-founder who can reach out to small-to-mid-sized businesses and bring in sales.

If this is something that interests you, please reach out to me! My email address is rhapsodyofgreen@gmail.com.

Here's my website, in case you want to learn more about me: www.howardsong.com

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    My skills and strength is in marketing, sales and acquisition.

    If you have a SAAS and need help with marketing and building out a sales team, I would like to potentially partner up. From my experience, businesses with a great team does well.

    I have webinar scripts , funnels , tracking metrics and sales scripts that I received from a colleague and he helped SAAS founders from 0 to seven figures ARR in a couple of years.

    I am a general partner in a private equity fund and would like to get into saas

    Let me know if you would like to chat :)

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    Nice Idea!

    There is some debate going on about dashboards. Primary criticism I have seen is that they provide too much information and not enough actionable intelligence or interpretation. i.e. dashboards need to be more interactive so it is easier to understand what the data means. This understanding would then lead to better decision-making.

    Of course, there are many industries where, as you say, monitoring itself is of value: monitoring status of dynamic systems like servers, water level in a dam, weather etc.

    On the other hand, with your understanding of data science, you would be ideally suited to add that "understanding" and "acting" logic as well!

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    Hi This sounds interesting to me. Lets connect

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