Looking for a CMO/Head of Marketing (Tweetboard)

Hello fellow Indie Hackers!

My name is Mário Balça, I'm a Full Stack Developer, and I have been building products (mostly SaaS) for a while.

The most recent is Tweetboard, a kanban board to plan/write tweets and threads.

The MVP is currently up and running, but I'm struggling to find potential users/customers for it.

Anyway, I would love to find someone to partner up with, and delegate the Marketing/Growth responsibilities to someone that has experience in bringing a product to the market.

Let me know if you want to hop into a call and talk about it!


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    Hi Mário,

    thanks for sharing what you are working at. First question that comes in my mind as a potential user. What's the difference to Trello, Jira, Notion, etc.?

    Best Regards

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      Hey @manuelwenner, thank you for your question!

      The biggest difference is our custom thread creator, and the Twitter integration itself.

      So cards in Tweetboard can start as ideas, they can have a title, a description, an assigned user, and tags — just like they would in Trello/Jira/Notion/etc.

      But in Tweetboard cards also contain a Twitter thread (so a set of chained tweets), that can be directly published/scheduled to Twitter.

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        I think the critical question here is:
        For those users who are already using Trello/Notion/etc. on a daily basis - how big is this problem for them, that they can't publish/schedule written down tweets from those platforms?
        By big I mean - how many times a day/week do they wish there would be such a solution? And significant enough that they are ready to introduce a new tool for it.
        How much are they willing to pay for such a solution?

        What does your market research say about it?

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          I agree @artisare, those are great and critical questions — unfortunately, I don't have the respective answers.

          As an engineer, I have this "terrible" habit of building some of the ideas that my brain generates, before validating the market.

          At the same time, I'm not super worried about it, since the worst-case scenario would always be: just another project that will be added to my portfolio :-)

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            OK, fair enough, I can relate to this habit.
            Then as a next step you probably don't need a head of marketing, but do a market fit validation & research first :)
            No point in having a CMO who "brings a product to a market", that maybe isn't even there.

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              I really don't want to waste anyone's time, I'm sorry if it seems like it.

              But like I said, those are subjects I'm not really used to dealing with, I honestly don't know right off the bat what kind of market fit validation & research I would have to do, and how I would actually do it (where would I start, what kind of questions should I make, who should I speak to, where would I find them, etc).

              That's why I'm looking for someone more experienced than me in those fields, to help me with that — ideally, I would learn a few things from this person, and I would also share a few things from my area of expertise as well.

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                Do anything, that would give you:

                • list of users who want this (and are ready to pay for it)
                • feedback on your vision about the product and their actual needs
                • an understanding of the market size, potential client/user personas
                • a better idea if there is a need to pivot from the initial idea, change the positioning, etc.

                Reach out to potential clients (based on your idea) and ask. [LinkedIn, email, Twitter DM].
                Survey/interview people who on daily basis do this work where they would need such a tool and learn everything you need to build & market a successful tool.
                Ask people on niche groups & subreddits.
                Simple google search on such a problem.
                Research what users don't like in competitor products and what they miss there.

                Without all that, how can you do marketing not knowing to whom you need to market, what are the potential user personas, and is there even a market for this?

                Then we can talk about the next step things: actual marketing and growth strategy, GTM strategy, determining PMF, actions for those things, etc.

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                  Thanks for all these tips and insights @artisare! They do feel a bit overwhelming (not gonna lie), but I think they helped a lot to get better clarity on what actions should I take to move forward with more data.

                  At the same time, is it wrong to feel it might be a bit too much for me to handle alone? I mean, I might just be scared of doing stuff that is not so related to what I've trained/studied for so many years, but it does feel like another "career" that I would have to start from ground 0 again.

                  Is it wrong to hope that someone could actually be happy to help me with this, and take charge of handling these challenges?

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                    Hey @mariobalca how is it going with your project? Moving along?

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                      Hey @artisare sorry that I missed your previous comment/question!

                      Thanks to this post, @jayst3rx0 reached out and we're now starting to work together on a bunch of different things, including proper market research/validation.

                      So things are moving along I think. It's still a side project, so we're not moving forward as fast as we wished, but since this is a marathon and not a sprint, I'm optimistic that we'll be able to make good progress in the upcoming weeks!

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                    No, probably not wrong to feel like that.

                    Of course, can try to find someone who would do that.
                    Only thing is, this is something that is being done before a product is even built.
                    For someone, like myself, who does growth hacking to lunch and grow startups, doing all the initial market and product fit research from scratch, just for equity into "nothing", to find out there is no market - unfortunately, doesn't appeal at all.
                    When all the initial things about the market, size, needs, initial PMF, etc. are clear, then being a cofounder and using that information, testing MVP on that audience with a message that should resonate, and a product they are interested in - doing all growth hacking & marketing - basically what you want, vastly different situation and story.
                    I hope you get my point. Anyway - don't be afraid, it's not rocket science, just do it :)

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                      Hey @mariobalca how is it going with your project? Moving along?

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                      I see, thanks for sharing your side here — it was super valuable to collect that feedback/insight. I understand that everyone's job gets a lot easier once we have that data at our disposal.

                      Let's see what happens, I do want to improve in those fields (and hopefully will!), but I actually got a few messages from this post, so there's a good chance I can tackle those challenges with someone closer to guide me.

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    Hey Mário! I'm interested in possibly becoming the Head of Marketing for your business/project. Let's chat!

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      Great to hear @jayst3rx0! Shoot me a Twitter DM and let's talk :)

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        Sent you a DM! Thank you.

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