Looking for a co-founder with a good SEO skills

Hey, I hope you are good.

I am looking for a co-founder with SEO knowledge for my website microvariants.com

We will be listing micro SaaS alternatives to mainstream SaaS apps

Also, I will be happy if you can sign up for the early access list!


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    I'm an SEO expert currently working on a national business based in the USA. Please take a look

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      Hi economic, thanks for the offer - I want to learn more. Can you reach me at ferhat@ekofi.science ? Thanks!

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    "We will be listing micro SaaS..."

    Do you think you'll find a co-founder quicker before or after you have micro SaaS's listed?

    You don't need someone who does SEO. You need someone (that's you btw) to churn out the first 100 SaaS products and what they replace.

    Then reach out to the founders / feature them here and go from there.

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      Thank you. Frankly, I have other things in mind to do (like creating different styles of posts) to beat my competitors. I can do what you say, but I'll need someone extra for other things.

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    Happy to help with a couple of tips!

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      Thanks, Francesco :) I need to beat ProductHunt (alternatives pages), and (alternativeto.net) in the future. Any tips?

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    Not up for a co-founder role but like this idea. I've grown inbound traffic for my SaaS from 500/mo to 50,000/mo in 12 months.

    Here are my questions for you

    1. Why are you looking for someone with SEO skills? (Assuming this is going to be a listing engine?

    2. What specifically do you envision SEO can do for microvariants?

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      Hi, I need to make seperate unique pages, for beating my competitors. A mentor said, you can get traffic and place ads on your site, that's why I'll need a SEO master.

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        I see, the main goto market would effectively be SEO & therefore you'd need a pro to be there for every step of the way. Makes sense !

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    So you have pages like Salesforce or Sugar CRM?
    Comparison Breakdown of the biggest CRMS
    Rankings of CRMs for 2023

    Then on each page you try to sell the microvariant subsription service I assume?

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      Hi, I can maybe monetize with ads. I don't want to ad subs system but I can do it too.

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    Hey Ferhat,
    I can help you. Send you the mail.

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    I can help you with this 😀

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      Thanks, arzamaan! Feel free to reach me at ferhat@ekofi.science or any communication platform.

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    This comment was deleted 19 days ago.

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