Looking for a Growth Founder in the Influencer/Creator economy sector

Hi, I'm looking for a marketing/growth founder to kickstart a product in the creator economy/influencer marketing sector.

The product has 2 sides:

  • B2C targeting Creators with a fremium model
  • B2B targeting marketing agencies with a subscription model

The B2C is already built, including the webpanel, the mobile app, the api, the landing pages with a good copy, etc...We can launch tomorrow.
The B2B is in progress, as it requires a good B2C seed phase.

For testing purpose, on B2C I've few users acquired via direct contact/messaging/chat.
I need a founder with commitment that takes ownership of the acquisition and marketing side to set in place strategies for growth in the creator/influencer space.

If interested, let's have a chat
andreasmark [at] scpulse [dot] com

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    I regularly help technical founders get products to $3K mrr while they keep 100% equity. DM me your product, have to understand what you're up to.

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    I sent you an email. Look forward to talking to you

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