Looking for a growth-hacker or marketer to reach the next level

For the past 6 months, I have been working and building get.monse.app.

I think it's a good product with a lot of potential.

Currently, it has a few active users, but I am not able to grow it as fast as I would like.

We must find a way to increase user retention, for them to return every day to see their income, expenses, and portfolio. We need to viralize the product.

Basically, to take monse to the next level, I'm looking for someone with marketing, growth hacking, and product experience.

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    Hello Victor,

    As a digital marketer, I am seeing a huge potential in your app. Best of luck!!

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    Hi Victor,

    I think the app is great, would love to discuss how I can help with marketing, growth hacking and product management. I've recently led the delivery of products that support vulnerable customers, and am also validating hypotheses for a fintech platform designed to improve the financial, mental and emotional wellbeing of users (kind of a hybrid between a fintech and wellness app).

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    Don’t start growing. Get your value proposition right. Retention high.

    You should immediately perfect the copywriting on your page. I read through it all. I still don’t know exactly what it does.

    Once you start getting a few users, you should survey the shit out of them. What interested them about the product. What pain are they trying to solve. Did we solve it. How could we solve it.

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      Yeah, that's the idea. Increase the retention.

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        Then you should get a product person. You don't need a growth hacker, sales or marketing person.

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    I could be your person, by partnering up you mean working for free?

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    Reach out, let us talk

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