Looking for a marketing expert for QuickPublisher

My startup, QuickPublisher, https://www.quickpublisher.online is a minimalistic blogging platform. It has been designed to setup blogging platforms mainly for less tech-savvy people.

I have been building this platform for 1 year and 5months. In this time, the platform has grown to 150 daily active users and a 250 user base.

What makes QuickPublisher standout is its super easy user interface and remarkable speed.

At this point, I am looking for a marketing expert to work as a co-founder (side by side) and take QuickPublisher to the next level. The platform only has two paying customers.

Compensation for said co-founder is equity. I'm willing to give between 20 - 25% of the platform.

Interested? please DM me on Twitter https://twitter.com/rotimi_je_suis

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    Thanks for signing up @Vittal When you sign up, there is a default blog post explaining how to create your blog posts.

    Regarding pricing, its $15.99/year

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    Hey Rotimi,

    Is it same like superblog.io ? I signed up in your platform & trying to find out how it works. It will be nice if you can give templates for blogging.

    What's the pricing plan you have in mind?

    Lastly, I appreciate your initiative & for non techies SEO is highly compelcated.. If you can solve that problem in your platform, then great..

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