Looking for a new owner for my SaaS

Hi IndieHackers,

I plan to sell my SaaS product Howflow.

The idea has great potential, it's just my circumstances are not allowing it to take it forward.

Before I keep it in any marketplace, I would like to know if any indie hacker is interested in acquiring it.

I am currently offering the product for free.

The current stats:

  • Users signed: 285
  • Chrome Extension downloads: 180

Due to personal reasons, I got less time to work on product marketing. I utilized most of the time I had to optimize the product tech-wise.

I didn't even launch it on Product Hunt or any other marketplaces. I am sure that's a great starting point to gather some traction.

Interested buyers can email me here: koushik@howflow.io

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    Hey, looks like a great product. I'm not in a position to buy, but I'm going to look into it cause I may use it myself my Saas :)

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    If you're open to an acquihire, approaching companies that might be interested might work for you. I know at least one person who pulled that off (ended up getting a very lucrative package from a well-known, tier 1 public SaaS company). As far as I know he basically just networked with senior engineers there and had a compelling enough product that he got an audience.

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      Thanks for the advice @staysaasy.

      But I am considering selling it and going into a different stream career-wise. If the new career doesn't, I may return here.

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    Hey, your product is really good. Great work with the tool.

    Was curious, what template have you used on the homepage here: https://howflow.io/. What about the app.howflow.io. Love the design and was wondering if it is a template?

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      Hey @zombiebyte19,

      Thanks, I am glad that you liked the product and the design.|

      Homepage is made on Webflow. I didn't used any template in that.

      For the app dashboard part, I used TailwindUI components in some places and rest I designed with TailwindCSS.

      Let me know if you need any more info.

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        Looks great. Thank you for sharing.

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    Bro, just seen your landing page and your product is amazing. Seems to have a great fit with Loom (potential buyer), but have no idea how to reach them.

    You can also try to find a buyer on Microaquire.

    But if I were you, I would keep the product, create a paid plan, and free trial when users signup, and after the trial, the user becomes on freemium mode with restricted features.

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      Hey @pradella

      Thank u for your suggestion about paid users.

      Planning to put it on Microaquire soon. But before that, I thought to check whether any Indie hacker interested to take it forward.

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    why are you giving up so soon? i saw something like this yesterday i guess uphint.com or upenv.com . May be give it some time have few paid users it will increase your sale value dramatically. What is the backend stack btw?

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      Hey @pdyc

      Due to personal reasons, I will not be able to take it forward.

      Thank u for your suggestion about paid users and selling it after.

      I built the whole app in Nextjs.

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    Hey, I might be interested. in your SaaS, please email me to joao@upsites.digital

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    Hey Koushik, I have sent you email.

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    Hey, Great product, I sent an email.

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    Hey, I might be interested. You can find me on Twitter: @chillyorange

    Also just sent you an email. Let's chat.

    • Matt
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    What does the technology stack looks like ?

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      Hey @sachingk, Kindly share you email. I will ping you the details.

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    I sent you an email!

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      Got it. I will reply you back.

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    I'm interested, email sent.

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      Got it. I will reply you back.

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    I'll email you.

    A couple of options

    1. If you can afford £30/months, you can assemble as many people as you want through to take your product forward through https://skilledup.life

    2. If you handed over this to someone else, they can do the same as (1)

    3. If you hand over to us (we can put a team together), and if we take it forward and make something of it, then we might be able to give you a % back.

    With (3), we can create a small unit that takes on products killed by founders forward. If they work out, then we could give something back to the original founder.

    We have 10,025 individuals from 93 countries and trying to get to 11,000 by sunday night to meet our second year target.

    We have amazing talent (as well as inexperienced). @koushikmarka. I would prefer option (1) from above though.

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    Hi Koushik,

    From that I heard, founder that sold their product ofter regretted in the long-turm if Elan Musk sold Paypal in 2022 he will probably sell it for several Billion dollars. With your current company, try to make a succeed product and see.

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    How much would you consider a fair price to sell?

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      Can you drop me an email at koushik@howflow.io? I would like to share details in private.

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