Looking for a sales/growth to partner with!

I just launched a saas in Art / Augmented Reality area.
The goal is to sell the product to online art shop companies (B2B).
I am looking for an experienced sales/growth to spread the thing :)

Demo here : https://arshow.me

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    I am a growth/product marketer with 15+ years of experience, have previously founded a SaaS startup, an agency with Fortune 100 clients, and a digital media company that scaled to 90 M monthly visits. I have also been consulting startups, mainly SaaS and e-Commerce for the last 3 years.

    Shoot me an email: jp@collectivetraction.com

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    This is rad! Down to talk. Have a good history of growth, sales, product, and ops. - ajm@hey.com / alexmedick.com

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    I would love to help with the design and marketing side!

    We can talk at more at Rohit@khadush.com

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    Hi Gregoire,
    I would be interested. I worked in SaaS win big tech. Send me an email and let's have a chat.


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