Looking for a tech co founder to build a saas for middle east market

Hey, i am a product manager at a fintech startup and planning a side project which has a great potential in the middle east market the idea is to build and slow grow the company until product market fit and raise vc funds to get the entire team to start full time. Drop me a email at atifadamkm@gmail.com

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    Sad news, I doubt anyone got excited by such invite. But you can check out no-code and try to build it yourself.

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      I get your point. I think exactly as you.

      Anyways, don't you think it would be more useful if you comment 2 or 3 tips to make a more appealing cofounder invite? :)

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        Do everything you can to scale your project alone, so other people say "wow" and want to join. When people write such messages - they say they can't grow their project. Why a talented person would join a business cofounder who can't grow a business.
        I was in the same place 1 year ago. 6 months of no-code tools, sweat and sales. Then met 2 developers who looked for freelance experience and they built me a platform almost for free.

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          Great! That's very good advise! Now he got something to work on.

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