Looking for a technical co-founder for a travel startup

Hi there,

I have a travel startup and I am looking for a technical co-founder. This is my 3rd travel startup after successfully selling 2 previous startups.


I previously had outsourced the development of this app to an agency and want to bring development in-house. I am looking for a talented developer that is passionate about travel.

The app runs inside a Chrome extension and compares flight prices from different online travel agencies like Skyscanner, Google Flights, etc. I have affiliate links but they aren't integrated into the app (I am manually doing it now) and the idea is to compare prices from different sites and collect affiliate revenue, and eventually grow it into a true one-stop travel planning app. This app is different than SkyScanner because it aggregates the aggregators.

We have 3,000 users and less than $1,000 ARR (because we haven't integrated the affiliate links yet).

The tech stack is React + Google Firebase. I can share the codebase.

We also have a cheap flights newsletter that has a sizable audience, so I have been focusing on that in the meantime while I find a co-founder.

I am based in Berlin but open to remote. DM or comment if you are interested.

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    why all founders do the "I am looking for a talented developer that is passionate about XXXXXXX",
    You need a good developer, that is it, and considering there are not that many around you are shooting yourself in the foot with the "passionate about XXXXXXX" nonsense
    And by "not that many" I meant, you have better chances of winning the lottery than finding a developer that can design and execute a software system from scratch and the thing actually works afterward.
    I have done a flight cooperation system 15 years ago when there where actually a market for them and the optimization algorithms (especially the ones with 2 or more flight changes) are proper headache math, if you are going there you need an exceptional developer or just don't do any optimization algorithms and just price compare end to end offers :)
    good luck with the project.

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      Yes valid points. My point about passion is that if someone is into traveling, then they understand the pain points better and have some familiarity with the problem and potentially the best option but you are correct that technically isn't a requirement. Thanks for the feedback.

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        I agree with Raj. Good developers who are looking for an opportunity, want to work on something they care about. I think he's very clear and open about the project from both technical and commercial perspective.

        While assume Petrovn means well, I personally wouldn't worry about the tone of voice.

        A couple of years back I worked at https://www.spoorgloren.nl (Dutch website), a consultant related to rail mobility and energy efficiency. Worked on a prototype that the NS now fully implemented that is making trains be more on time and drive more efficient at the same time.

        We had some discussions about tools that could perhaps provide fully door-to-door service. So not only the flight, but also the taxi/bus, perhaps even hotel, etc. Didn't take much action on it at the time. To counter Petrovn on the age and lack of money in traveling; there is travel in business, and there is money to be made if you can make it more efficient (or perhaps green, more convenient, etc).

        Anyway, while he won't be your CTO, he might be interested to chat with you if you have ideas in that area and looking to partner in the Netherlands in some way.

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        most people that are into "traveling" and understand the pain points are going to be 20 year olds with no money, hence the understanding of pain points :)
        you definitely don't want one of them to be CTO as for every "bill gates" there are 10 Million that think they are but are not even remotely on that level.
        When you use a company for a project system design, implementation and time are not important to you as you pay on delivery to a working product, but when you work with someone "inhouse" the CTO (even if you are calling it something else) is responsible for all of this and you may lose a lot of time to realize that the system will go nowhere or you may realize that on top of the wasted time what you think is a 80% build (a lot of nontech founders end up there) and you need to just find someone to finish it or to invest a little bit more time and resources, but in reality, is actually total waste, as it is badly designed and it will never work.
        Just be careful and luck helps a lot in this situations :)

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      Without passion, people give up I think.

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        you are correct, the most inexperienced devs will give up, but you do not actually want them around unless you have someone very good at organizing work for junior devs.
        and the experienced people will give up even if they have passion for whatever they build if they don't see the project moving forward (before the development is even 20% done) as they will have options and definitely prefer getting paid for something not that interesting than building something that will go nowhere.

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    Hey, if you haven’t found a partner yet, I may be interested. I was in the process of building a group travel planning app (i have since stopped since becoming interested in B2B SaaS) But at the time, I was thinking about integrating a built-in booking platform to increase user experience. You said you eventually want to turn it into a one stop travel planning app, is what I mentioned something you envision?

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    Hey man, i am a digital marketer with experience across e-commerce & SAAS. Not a programmer but if you need someone for marketing/brand building, let me know. Would love to talk in more detail.

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    Hey Raj, Iam a product designer based in Berlin, let me know if you are interested

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    This looks great! I've ran a couple business and currently own and running ByteAmite.com

    Feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear more and potentially partner up on this if the fit is right. I have experience with some development, cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, etc.


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    Hey hi, I'm software engineer, we can talk whenever you want, I have worked on several projects and I am also looking for a person with your profile! (https://www.linkedin.com/in/eduardberrio/)

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    nice project, cool landing page

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    Hi Raj!

    I’m a software engineer with a few years of experience across the stack and would love to contribute to your company.

    I also am deeply passionate about travel and regularly fly international (mainly to Europe and Asia) so I find a lot of value in your product.

    Please reach out if you want to get in touch!

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    Hey Raj! It seems like an interesting challenge, you can check my last post for more info about me and also my email if you think we can work together.

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    Sounds promising I must say! If you ever need a UX/UI expert, hit me up. I'm the founder of jimdesigns.co

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