Looking for B2C SaaS Technical Co-Founder


I am looking for a full-stack developer looking to kick start my business idea. The idea is around tackling the scary polarisation of views in our society and to promote discourse with those who disagree with you in a gamified way. This is both mission-driven, but also highly scalable.

In particular, I would love to speak with developers with experience in social media, entertainment, P2P communications. Experience will involve software engineering, of course, but also soft skills of ambition, management experience, and drive.

I am currently working for a Tier One strategy consultant, have 3 years experience in consumer goods at a $40B valued company, and I also have a strong VC network. Strengths are in strategy, communications and product.

With a technical founder on board, I will be able to go ahead a start the raising process.

I'd love to connect if you are interested?

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