Looking for business/sales/finance teammate for a Fintech in Europe

Hello community,

My name is Lucas Vieira and I've been working as a software engineer for almost 10 years now. I also have been into Fintech for a while. Although I always read many things about Fintech, I've never had an idea that I was willing to work on. Until a few months ago...

My family had a few small businesses in the past. And, they always tried to avoid receiving payments on debit/credit cards, because of the high card fees and slow payout. Also, I have a colleague that has a store and she'd love to receive bank transfers as a payment method. But, my friend doesn't accept bank transfers anymore as it's too hard to manage (eg: taxes)

For a while, I've seen a bunch of online companies offering bank transfers as a payment method. However, I haven't seen any type of offering like that for offline businesses.

Because of that, I started to dig into how would be possible to offer offline businesses the advantage of receiving bank transfers instead of card payments. I must say, it's not easy to implement that service for offline businesses. However, after studying the market/regulations/competitors, I think it's doable, even though there are many challenges ahead. By the way, I've started prototyping a possible solution.

And why am I writing this?

Because I definitely need some help. Building software is the "easy" part for me, but things like sales/finance/regulation are quite hard.

So, anyone is interested in having a chat?

Important note:
I'm currently living in Ireland, so I'm trying to use the European mechanisms to make this happen (eg: SEPA payments)

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    Hi Lucas, really interesting idea! I have experience in regulatory/compliance/risk management for banks, currently working as a product manager shipping products that provide financial assistance for vulnerable customers.

    I'm moving to a tech startup in a couple weeks but also want to work on projects I am passionate about and can make a real difference with. I have lots of experience on the strategy/marketing/sales/finance side too, I'm also currently completing an Executive MBA. Basically, I could focus on the business which will allow you to focus on the tech/software, and together we can deliver products that lots of users will love :)

    Would be great to discuss and find out more about the idea.

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    Hey Lucas, idea sounds cool. Can't say I'm the one to do regulatory part, but if you make it legally real and ship an MVP - I can help you land 20 sales to initial customers and position it the right way. Let's connect on Twitter.

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      Hey Denis.

      I'm glad that you liked it. Tell me more about you and your proposal for finding 20 sales. From where does this come from?

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        You identify your Ideal Customer Profile - break down their pain points - understand which one you're solving - understand when they experience it - understand where they go to deal with it - find them there.

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