Looking for ecom marketing partner

I started asabove.us as a bootstrapped side project.

It makes customized astrology jewelry. Focused on the US market.

About the business

One pre-pandemic season (2019) it did 6-figure revenue in Q4. AOV hovers around $80-$100.

There were some supply chain issues during the pandemic and I didn't have the bandwidth at the time to revive it. I'm currently spending some time working on it as I don't have a full-time job right now. It's built and run entirely by me except for the operations side, I have a friend who is helping me do packing and shipping and things like that.

Marketing I've done so far

Almost entirely paid ads. I've done some basic work around influencers and other ecom marketing channels, but haven't been able to recreate the pre-pandemic marketing magic formula (although that was only instagram ads- seems like the market for those ads has changed a bit since then). Some basic email flows have been setup, but nothing fancy. One area of focus lately has been around the fact that the site itself has low conversion rate, below 1%. (ad CTR has been acceptable, around 2-4%, bounce rate around 20-30%)

What I'm looking for

I'm looking to partner with someone or even an agency that can help the business grow. To begin with I can't offer any cash, but I can can offer a split of net profit, at least 50/50 but am open to discuss terms.

DM me if interested or would love to hear if anyone can recommend an agency.


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    Hey Akira wong,
    Are you searching for somebody you're going to pay to or you want to share an equity? Anyway, I've compiled an article on the topic of "How to Find a Great Marketing Co-Founder" few weeks ago. Feel free to take a look: https://spacetime.ooo/how-to-find-a-great-marketing-co-founder/

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    are you on amazon, eBay, or any other channel?

    1. 1

      not right now. it's only the website.

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    DMing you now on Twitter. I know someone who's scaled his own e-commerce businesses to millions (https://sparrowstartup.com/startup-advisors/josh-bluman).

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    Hey Akira, shoot me a dm.
    We're working with a Blue Ocean platform here, and a completely new style of marketing. I'm certain you'll be interested.

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    Hello there! Daniel here - sending you an email now.

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    I have a store I created called MyHouseofCool.com on Shopify. I get tons of traffic but 3 conversions in the 5 months its been launched. The page is getting plenty of traffic and so are the Social Channels...we have 24.3k users and not bots, Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest. I bought the domain and the same night it rose to 1300. I work full time and do not have time to manage. It still neeeds some tweaks but its drop shipping. I have been trying to sell the site and translation the social channels. Please take a look and let me know what youre thoughts are:

    Website: MyHouseofCool.com
    Started: March 2022
    About the site:

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