Looking for Egyptian hustlers

Hi there,

I'm building a new SaaS in a specific niche in the Egyptian market. I have already built a prototype, launched a landing page to collect signups, and I'm starting to build the MVP.

I'm looking for an Egpytian cofounder either in the technical or marketing side of things. I'm a techie but I have been learning about business for years so currently I do both sides and anyone who could take some of the workload will be a massive help.

I'm also generally looking for local hustler friends so if you aren't interested in joing an exisitng project as a cofounder, still feel free to contact me :)

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    Hi Ahmed, I am a software developer so i can work with you in the technical part.
    I have sent you an email

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    Hi iam an Egyptian Product Designer based in Berlin, let me know if you are interested

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    Hey. I am a techie who’s also read / learned a lot about running a business and marketing. Let me know how you’d like to communicate.

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      Drop your linkedin account and I'll connect with you (or any other contact method that you prefer)

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    Hi Ahmed - can you leave your email here?

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