Looking for illustrator/designer

I'm working on a service that allows easy creation of explainer, marketing and other videos. Hoping to find a professional illustrator or designer to make the output look... stunning! A one-time contract that could turn into longer cooperation/partnership. Let me know!

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    Hey, @ https://justjag.education/ (me) Not sure if I can help but also in the market for talented artists. Is there a 'graduate area' where people are looking for work experience? A good way to start a portfolio.

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    What exactly are you looking to illustrate? @javadiagrams

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      Hey Mateo, thanks for the reply. I'm looking for somebody to re-design screens for the tool that I'm building. Specifically this screen needs to be cleaned up - fonts, style, positions, colors etc.

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        Gotcha. I have a friend who I’ve used for illustrations. He has his own style, but he’s also very versatile and can adjust if you give him a style reference.

        Let me know if you’d like me to send you some samples of his work @javadiagrams

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    Hi Alex, my agency can help with this 😄 Peachweb.com. Feel free to DM or email ami@peachweb.com.

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    Please check your inbox.

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    I've been using these folks here - they have been pretty good - but expensive

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