Looking for Marketing Partnership

Hello Indie Hackers,

I am Sujay Bhagwat, co-founder of Salt Technologies, Inc currently looking for marketing partners to work with us market our services and products.

Here are couple of websites we use: https://salttechno.com and https://saltmarketing.agency

The person should be from US, preferably situated in Austin, Texas. People apart from Texas can also show interest.

Interested folks can respond to this post and we shall take the discussion ahead.

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    I’m interested - how can we chat more about your project?

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      Let's setup a call. Please share your email address to take discussion further.

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    Hey Sujay. I took a look at both of the websites and I'm impressed, congratulations on the success! Take a look at my website krizzlee(dot)co and see if we can help you.

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