Looking for ML dev enthusiastic about language

Looking for a machine-learning developer (icing on the cake would be full-stack skills) to be my technical co-founder. I’m a designer turned translator who wants to build a translation-assisted language-learning aid. Think Duolingo Stories, but with authentic content and no interruptions. Above is a screenshot example.

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    I have an R&D background in computer vision(deep learning) and robotics. Would you still be interested to have a chat? What is your tech stack by the way to check if there is icing on the cake?

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      Absolutely, let's schedule that chat! Let me know how you'd like to do that. Re tech stack, I'm a newbie developer, so I'm not sure I can be any more specific, but let's talk and find out!

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        Sure, please feel free to drop me an email iamthedataguy[at]gmail.com
        We can schedule a call either tomorrow or saturday if that works for you

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    Hi, I'd love to discuss more, I'm a full stack developer, designer, and AI practitioner.

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      Super! Let me know in which platform you prefer to have a chat!

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        You can send me an email, piyush20w{at}gmail

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