Looking for partner to build awesome products (technical or non-technical)

Hello, Indie Hackers community!

My name is Philipp and I'm on the lookout for a partner to explore and build on ideas with me.

A bit about me:

I'm a product manager by profession and a self-taught developer and I love to bring ideas to life.

I recently quit my job and am currently figuring out what my next step will be, but I am passionate about entrepreneurship, so I have been using my free time to work on some ideas that I've had. It's going well but it would be fun to be working with someone who can complement my skills and has a similar entrepreneurial mindset.

I do have some skills in marketing & sales, but its not what I enjoy most, so if you like working in this area, we could be a good match. Alternatively, I am also interested in someone who has a solid technical background and can help me with development. If you are based in Europe, that's a big plus.

If any of that sounds like you, I would love to connect. Please feel free to reach out so we can discuss potential collaboration further. I'm already actively working on some projects but I am open to listening to other ideas and change course.

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    Hi Philipp - I am a nontechnical individual currently working to validate an idea. It comes from my experience as a founder and owner in a physical business (automotive repair). I am located in Barcelona and most interested in making contacts and discussing progress and ideas.

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      Hi, happy to chat with you - feel free to reach out via Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pkundratitz/

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    Hi, I am interested to discuss an AI powered SaaS idea that came to my mind (but also opened to every other ideas as well).
    I was an Advisor and investor relations manager for startups in the last 3 years. So, I developed some good contacts and have a wide network of investors (especially angels and VCs).
    Plus, I am a Python beginner and I have a Copywriting/Marketing skill set (I also have contacts with devs, no worries about that). Would like to know if you want to have a brief chat, even here in case.
    I am a deep passionate of ML/AI field itself and SaaS business model (B2B focused obv).
    Let me know if we can have a chat (and where), thank you.

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      Hi, lets have a chat on linkedin: /in/pkundratitz

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        Hi Philipp, sent you a connection request on LinkedIn. I am Piero Sbard

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    Hey Philipp,
    I'm a solo builder and put together an MVP of a social platform with W3 backend. It is still work in progress but it is fairly functional. You said you are looking for tech, and not sure from what angle but if you want to build a community, marketplace, or do some brand influencing, the platform is all no-code so you can be up and running and experiment with ideas in no time.
    Love to chat on what direction you think you may be heading and if this platform would be something you'd be interested in checking out.. we can grow together...!!
    look forward to connecting... (anyone else feel free to reach out also)

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    Hi Philip - Let's have a chat. I am a solo founder and have built a startup and community that exceeds 25k$ in monthly revenue. You can start on your own until you find a cofounder!

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    Hey - Let us have a chat. I may have something for you :) Based in the UK / got my own company. /I have a number of highly popular/profitable ideas that I want to action - this year.

    Shall we arrange a show and tell?

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      Sure, I left my linkedin in a comment below, feel free to reach me and lets have a chat!

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    Hey Philip - Let us have a chat. I may have something for you :) Based in the UK / got my own company. / I have a number of highly popular ideas that I want to action in 2023.

    When is a good time to talk about this>?

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      Hi, I'm looking now to initiate a new venture and will be happy to hear from you, brainstorm and maybe develop something together. how can I reach you out?

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        Great stuff. My company is @ www.justjag . education (minus the spaces) - or Linkedin @ /in/justjag.

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          I DM you in LinkedIn, lets chat there:)

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    Hello Philip.

    I also started my journey as an entrepreneur.
    If you need any support OR help, reach out to me anytime.


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      Hey, what are you working on?

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        Well, I recently started communication service business.

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          Hi Robin, sound like we are on the same stage, I would be happy to connect as well, how can I reach you out?

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            Thanks Ben. Well, How about we connect on Email or Skype?

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              Sure, please send your email i will DM you there

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                Well, seems like it is impossible to leave link here :D

                Is it against their policy?

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                  I have no idea I sign up today lol
                  Yiu can write like robin at google i will understand

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                    Well, you can touch at robinhood_us in telegram. Hope to see you there soon.

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    Hi Philipp, I am available my specialty is front end development

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    Have you got a problem/vertical in mind?

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    Hi Philipp, if you have ongoing projects I think we could do a great fit, I can do marketing and also have development capabilities. Lets connect.

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      I'd love to connect!

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    Hello Philipp-

    This is Sujay Bhagwat. We have been building apps and supporting entrepreneurs like you since last 10 years. Let's connect.

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      Can I connect with you too?
      I am a product manager 4+ year experiences on several industries (hospitality, agri fintech, HR management and automotive). I want to sharpening again my career journey on product. Hope I could have a partner to share about. Thank you

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    Hey I am a Tech Lead for a software company, but would love to work on something on the side, being wanted to do it for a while actually. Anyways let's connect on Linkedin,/in/miguel-angel-pico-leal-8158361b6/

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      I also would love to connect.

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    What domains are you interested in, and what problems do you want to solve? Love to hear you out!

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    Cheers :)

    I am Ferran from Barcelona. I am a fullstack developer and indie hacker. Reach me if you need any help with the tech part of the business!

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      Hey Ferran, how can I reach you?

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        Please use the contact section on my website https://ferran.work and then I will share you my socials 😊

        Greetings :)

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    Greetings from Montenegro! I do sales & growth for different types of tech startups & companies, working with clients from US, Canada, Australia, EU, UK, Hong Kong, China, and other countries. Not available for new projects right now, but happy to connect.

    If you or others are looking into guest content cooperation, message me.

    P.S. Still not allowed to post links here 😂

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    I am based in Austria, Eu, and also open for partnering up i have released many little apps and had my own startup that failed, my latest venture is https://memoiri.app maybe we could find a way to work together

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      Lets chat, whats the best way to reach you?

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        Write me an email at contact@memoiri.app and we can talk maybe through zoom?

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    Hey there. I’m based in the EU, and I’m also considering diving into entrepreneurship again. I’m a product focused software engineer and I know my way around tech and I have general T-shaped skills around other aspects of running a business. Feel free to hit me up for a chat.

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      Sure, lets have a chat - how can I reach you?

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        Could we continue on DM via LinkedIn? I can’t post links yet, but you can find me on /in/karthik-iyengar

        P.S: To others reading, happy to connect as well.

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    Hey! I am a developer with some skills in marketing and sales too. Maybe we are too similar in skill set, but might be worth seeing if we could work together. I am currently in Barcelona but am a digital nomad for the time being.

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      Hey, I'm in BCN too! Your name sounds familiar also, maybe we talked before? Anyways, lets have a chat - how can I reach you?

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        Ill add you on LinkedIn!

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    Hi, There i am not as smart as those people in the comment and have no skill in coding but if if you are looking or idea on how to improve your product or motivation people to help i am of them

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      Hi, if you have an idea and you want to brainstorm about it you are welcome to approach:)

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    Hi, There are interesting comments on this post. I am in EU and have some free time on weekend. If you need someone with strong technical experience. Please message me.

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      Hey, how can I reach out to you?

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        Apologies, I thought profile email is visible to everyone. You can contact me on email: amithimani [at] gmail

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    Hey hi, I'm a freelance developer, I live in Europe, and if you want you can contact me.
    ps. I saw you were looking for advice on an idea you had in the past, it's the same idea I had a few weeks ago!

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      Hey there, I actually spent a lot of time working on that idea but put it on standby due to time constraints. Lets have a chat, how can I reach you?

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        write to me on twitter, find my contact on my profile!

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    I'm working on ScatterMind.co! Tell me if you're interested and we can chat!

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    Hey people, are you a solopreneur looking to connect with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights, and grow your business? community online discord - is new!

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      Hi, not sure if you read through my post but I do have skills in tech and marketing, I just prefer not to do everything by myself. Also, I didn't mention anything about looking for money.

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        sorry, I may have not been very clear
        "some skills" = no skills, that is the main reason for my comment (including the money), there are only 2 combinations that work for a startup

        1. one tech, one sales person
        2. one tech, one sales, one money person
          having some skills in any of the three will be enough only if you have a stupid amount of luck, and don't get me started on what actually means "sales" or "tech" skills :)
          but good luck with your project
        1. 4

          Some skills = no skills? What?

          If I had listened to advice like this I would have never tried anything.

          Instead, I ended up generated $58k MRR and selling for 7 figures in 30 months. All as a single mediocre developer with what were arguably zero "sales skills".

          Now I'm a better developer, partnered with a killer sales guy on another project. And while we are profitable, everything has progressed significantly slower than they did the last time around for me.

          Luck is always present, in many forms, regardless of skills. It's definitely worth recognizing this, but luck can't be manufactured, so you won't have more or less luck with certain skills or certain partner.

          Skills help, but mindset and determination are significantly more valuable in many cases.

          The successful entrepreneurs I know, myself included, have a solid mindset, and less skills. I know many skilled people that don't have the mindset, and never get anywhere as an entrepreneur.

          @phkundi Keep going. Use comments like this as fuel for your fire.

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            Uff, my mistake, I did not know another millionaire coming here looking for free work "partner" for their next project.
            But hey, congrats, you must be the luckiest person in the world to find a startup that paid a product manager seven figures exit.

            ps. "some = none" is a formula proven many, many, many times in the startup world, "some skills" is just not enough (assuming you are not relying on 99% luck)

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              There are so many things wrong with this.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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