Looking for Sales/Marketing Co-founder

I am a technical heavy founder working on sql2sheets, been at it for 3 months. Looking for someone to come on as a marketing and sales co-founder.

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    Hi George,

    as a future Data analyst and a SaaS salesman I have to say great project.
    I think this can be a great partnership.

    Let's have a zoom chat about what you want from the partnership and to see if we have some chemistry.


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    What are you looking for specifically when partnering up with a non-technical founder?

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    I am interested but what helped you decide to build this?

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      I was a user of another workflow saas for many years, but it was way too expensive for a project I wanted it in (running some SQL queries, push to Google Sheets every minute). I built a few scripts, and then decided to build a full product.

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