Looking for scheduled video call SaaS co-founder

Several months ago, I wrote this post on IndieHackers (https://www.indiehackers.com/post/saas-co-founder-e2726a3570), looking for a co-founder to help me launch my SaaS project.

tldr, I am willing to launch a SaaS which enables businesses to book appointments of their experts with their customers, using video calls. Availabilities, bookings, payments & video calls are all featured in the app.

Today, several months ago:

  • I have a much more solid product, after a series of long sessions, suggestions, improvements and enhancements with the help of a co-founder who had to withdraw due to business obligations
  • I still have not launched, mainly because the strategy of emails to prospective customers through forums & LinkedIn groups didn’t yield the expected results
  • My app’s main “competitor” Meetfox.com has been acquired by Sendinblue & Cal.com is steadily growing which means there is an audience and possibly room for another alternative.

What I am looking for is someone who can help me polish the service, improve it (if needed) without adding more features (I had to cut some of them) and finally launch with a well planned strategy.

The landing page, with more details on how the service works as well as some FAQs, is live at:
and the app (https://app.schedulemate.net) is in development mode, meaning you need some extra info from me to go through the onboarding process & test thoroughly.

Please contact me at info@schedulemate.net
for more details on the service, your questions/suggestions and mainly some info about you in case you want to cooperate.

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    Hey buddy, I sent you an Email. Hope to chat with you soon

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    Would be pleased to become your technical partner: https://www.urlaunched.com

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