Looking to hang out with other digital health founders

Just created a group as well here on IH, lets hack some amazing Digital health solutions together or may be just chat about it :)


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    At MassLight, we’re actively looking for new startups to enroll in our build-for-equity program. We invest capital and software engineers in early-stage startups in exchange for equity. While we’re open to working with startups in any industry, due to our extensive history with the industry, we have a strong preference toward working with healthcare startups.
    We’re based in Washington D.C. but we can work with startups based in the US, Canada, and Europe. If you are interested, or know of any founders who may be interested, please refer them to our website!


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    Wow that's awesome! Does anyone join there who is into Natural Language Programming?

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    Great idea - are there any other groups on digital health ?

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      not that I am aware of

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