My postal code range api got featured on ProduchtHunt

Hi IH!

I got featured on https://www.producthunt.com/posts/postalcodes-app with a Postal Code/Zip code range api I made called https://postalcodes.app, would love to hear your thoughts.

You can start with the API for free, there is a cool documentation section where you can check the endpoints and parameters you can pass through.

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    Wow that has a lot of utility!!

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    Very cool! Your site is super clear about the product and how to use it. What a great example of a small, focused application -- reminds me of @patio11's Bingo Card Creator!

    I'm curious about what technologies/languages/platforms you used to make it. Is it running on Elastic Beanstalk, or some other scalable cloud server provider?

    An adjacent area of functionality to expand into might be weather. All 5-digit zip codes in the US with the same first 3 digits are geographically clustered (IIRC the first 3 digits indicates a particular, single-site postal distribution center), so you can get weather updates from a weather API without too many requests. Not sure about other countries.

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