My results after 48hours posting on Reddit

Hey folks,

I recently posted a very first version of a tool that I created just to see how technical people would react ..

Here is the break down of what I did:

  1. I posted in one subreddit (180k in size).
  2. I posted a direct link (after making sure it's allowed in the subreddit)
  3. I followed by a comment giving some context.


Check attached photo to see the reddit stats for the first 48 hours

  1. I got up voted 260 times.
  2. 27 comments with one negative and the rest are positive.
  3. 3k visits in 48hours and it is still flowing after one week.
  4. 64 link shares by the community which I found very positive.
  5. 3 ideas 💡 for monetisation routes (1 of them I was completely blind about)
  1. 4

    Please share the post's URL with us. I've asked a few questions in the subreddits and received a few responses from various audiences, but I believe it wasn't enough. Would you recommend any channels or websites to validate my ideas?

  2. 2

    Thanks 🙏 for sharing this

  3. 2

    I'm a graphic designer, I love to post my work and get feedback. But every time I get canceled for posting my work. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I feel like Reddit is a good place to find leads for your business, but at the same time it's kind of a mess as a social media platform.

    1. 4

      Yeah, reddit isn't the easiest and definitely not the most user friendly. You need to check the subreddit rules before posting anything and make sure your account is in good terms and have enough karma and age to be able to post on a subreddit. If you need help let me know.

  4. 2

    The real question is what sub did you post in? Some subs of the same size have very poor engagement rates because the users aren't friendly. One of the key things is getting upvotes and if you post in a medium size sub where people downvote everything and anything so most people don't actually see it then it's not that useful.

    For example, on a similar size sub I'll get 1-1.5k visits while being top of that sub because hardly anyone sees the posts because it doesn't make their home feed because the sub is hostile to everything.

    1. 1

      Sure this super important to get right, this why I usually spend some time understanding the targeted community before picking the subreddit that I would start with.

      1. 1

        Which did you post to?

  5. 1

    Those are some great results Wael, congratulations!
    I had also posted on reddit a while back about my SaaS tool ruttl, we got a backlink for SEO and decent traffic but Quora worked better for us in the long run.

    We are thinking of getting more active on reddit, do you have any recommendations on how I can make an impact and engage the community?

    1. 2

      Hi Harsh, thanks 🙏
      Basically like any other social platform with a tweak. You just try first to engage on subreddit by posting some useful content and replying to some questions to gain some karma and trust before trying to promote anything of your own. Otherwise moderators might remove your post and some time ban you. Generally Redditors don't like self promotion so even if your promoting something you still need to add value within the post and engage with every comment.. best of luck buddy. Btw I just checked ruttl, very interesting product.

      1. 1

        Thanks man, appreciate it!

        Glad to know you found it interesting, do you have any other suggestions regarding the tool that we can work on to improve it?

        Also would you share some details regarding your product as well?

  6. 1

    Awesome results, congrats 💯

  7. 1

    Wow this is incredibly results. How much context was provided? I am struggling finding the balance between too little information and too much.

    1. 2

      I posted a direct link to the page (open graph photo, title are descriptive), then followed by comment explaining what this is, answering questions based on the first couple of comments.

  8. 1

    Looking to get started with marketing on Reddit. Have posted on a few different subreddits recently with a link to a landing page looking for idea validation, but haven't been able to generate that much interest. Maybe you just have a really good idea and mine's not so good haha!

  9. 1

    Nice its amazing results for your product!

  10. 1

    Thanks for sharing your Reddit experience Weal. For some reason, Reddit is something that I never got a chance to properly explore it. Do you think it's a good network to build your audiences? and if so, do you have any good resources for that?

  11. 1

    Thanks for sharing and it’s actually good to know. Finding subreddits that you can post product related stuff is hard.

  12. 1

    This is a great insight, and has had a much larger impact than i would have expected. I've never really thought about the feedback aspect Reddit can provide too, so definitely something i'll be looking into in future, thanks.

  13. 1

    Wow much more than I expected. Would love to see a link to the post!

  14. 1

    @Linkology what was the time when you have posted because I think time of post is matter

    1. 2

      I posted around 9pm CET so I captured US traffic first,however if your post is upvoted high enough it will stay on the top for some time so you will get another round from Europe next day

  15. 1

    Hey Wael, Great!
    I am about to engage on Reddit but was a bit confused about how it works. Thanks for sharing!

    1. 1

      Take it slowly on thier and build some karma and don't try to sell .. any questions let me know

  16. 1

    Great, any users from it?

    1. 1

      Yes, I got some contacts and messages. Will follow up with them this week after making some tweaks to position myself better.

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