My startup is blowing up? (and I don't know why)

I'm really sharing this here because I'm amazed. Out of the blue, hundreds of people started flooding my startup landing page, and lots if people are buying monthly and even yearly plans!

I'm in complete shock and don't know what to do next.

Please halp.

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    That's amazing! Congratulations!

    When we found an unexplained jump in our traffic, we found that someone had created a Tiktok in another language that was driving the traffic. Made us think of Tiktok as a marketing avenue we hadn't considered for our startup.

    Keer going! You're doing something right - and it's working!

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      How did you find that out? I added a form on onboarding and they are saying they are coming from social media.

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        I'm afraid it was after days of manual searching. I think when its short-form video, sometimes they won't include a link because they will be talking about a bunch of tools in one video. Check Instagram Reels and Tiktok!

        At some point we found an Indian account that did videos about AI mentioned us.

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          I did find! It was a youtube video (check here)

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            Ahhh awesome! Congrats again! :)

            Your startup sounds great - I wish this existed when I was studying!

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    I don't know if this is a real case or a promotion strategy for your site, in both cases I think it's great!!!!
    Especially if it is the second one 😆

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      Man, it was both, but the idea came from this out of the blue spike on users.

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    thats huge, congrats! i hope to be in your shoes one day. i always have a tough time finding an idea i like and want to execute on.

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    That's wonderful! It's a good problem :)
    Do you know how Andy found your startup ?

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      Absolutely not. I'm marketing on twitter, reddit and other AI directories. He also wrote a blog article about us before releasing the video.

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        Great, that's good for SEO too

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    Good luck for you! I think you already make a great product! Can you share where are the traffics from?

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    Congratulations for the blowing up. If it's convenient, can you share what you did for this blowing? I'd love to apply my startup too, www.kaikul.com.

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    Congrats! Let me help you grow more.

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    That's awesome, congrats! Doesn't Vercel show you where traffic is coming from?

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      People were jumping on google after watching the youtube video, so most of it was Google. But, my SEO wasn't absolutely monstrous to drive that traffic out of the blue.

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    Congrats! That's awesome!

    I hope to have this happen to my startup some day.

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    Amazing bro congratulations, probably YouTube or some review channel on social media.

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    Great work Antonio, how to do you promote it?
    Are you portuguese?

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      I'm brazilian. Mostly blog, AI directories such as futurepedia and futuretools, twitter and reddit.

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    Impressive! Congrats 🎉
    This means you're on the right path with your startup idea 💡
    Keep winning 🏆

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      This makes me so happy!

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    This can be a network effect.

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    That's incredible congrats! Attempting to figure out the source can be a daunting task, but definitely check social media and see if anyone is talking about your company. Especially platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok. Have you searched on TikTok yet?

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      I spent hours search on different social media sites, and eventually found a guy on youtube that made a video citing us two days ago.

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    That's really great Antonio! Congratulations!

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    First off, congrats! What a fantastic problem to have! It's clear you've got something people want, which is half the battle.
    Try to figure out where this surge in traffic is coming from. This will give you insights into which marketing channels are working for you, and where you might want to focus your efforts.
    Also, reach out to your new users directly. Ask them how they found out about you and why they decided to sign up. This feedback will be invaluable as you move forward.

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      Nice! I'll totally do that, the analytics says google as the main source. I've added a pre step for first time users fill some info so I can understand better.

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    Congratulations man

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    May we know what $$ you are getting per day?

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    That's really neat. It always makes me think when a small thing like a random video or post can make a business blow up online.

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    Congrats @acfilho_dev 🔥💸
    Next time, save yourself the hours of digging and check out my package for startups like yours: https://experimenterra.com
    Helping a product like yours reach more peaks like that would be a true pleasure.

    In the meantime, keep on delivering awesomeness 🫶🏼

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    Share your tips with us

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    Good job! Great website btw.

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    Nice bait, pal! Good product by the way :)

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