Need help finding right no-code tool

SoulUp (www.soulup.in) is solving mental wellness through Peer Conversations. We are building a large global network of users so that anyone coming in with a specific emotional challenge can connect with others who have gone through something similar (a Peer).

Our current platform is on Wix and we're unhappy with the performance.
We are looking to revamp the platform but aren't able to figure what will be the right no-code platform for us - wordpress, webflow, bubble or something else?

If there is a Shopify equivalent of services, with calendar integration, that suits our need best.

Looking for No code expert who can consult us on choosing the right platform and we're willing to pay for the consulting

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      I would say Bubble would be the best solution at the moment. Not a clue how they built it on Wix.

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    Being a website designer expert. Most of the time I play with these cms platforms. So same as like you one of my client was using wax for https://offsetsmokerpoint.com/best-offset-smoker-under-500/ but he was not satisfied from it. So I suggested him to shift toward wordpress cms. Where you will not need any kind of code and you will easily manage all your work with just drag and drop.

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    I would recommend Bubble. It's just second to none, especially for something like this.

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    I looked at your app and I'm actually pretty impressed with the features you were able to build on Wix.

    That being said, you will find a huge boost in performance, design, and customization on Bubble. I currently build majority of my apps with Bubble and the main reason is that it is the most powerful tool in the nocode space. Of course if I’m building something simpler like just a landing one or blog, then I will use a different tool such as Wordpress, Dorik, or Webflow. However, if you want to build custom features with custom logic, then go with Bubble.

    Bubble has a steep learning curve but it is capable of doing what you need. Alternatively, you could hire a Bubble agency to build this for $5k - $10k.

    Also, if a mobile app will be in your future plans, then you’ll have to to some additional research on how to integrate that. But if the primary app is in the browser, then start with Bubble.

    Good luck. Also feel free to DM me in Twitter if you have any questions.

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    I used WordPress for a while and it was easy to use in my opinion. If you need help with surveys related to mental health I'd love to help...

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    Do you have any functionalities? Like where does the conversation happen?
    If you need backend logic, then use Bubble. But for a website/landing page only use Wordpress with some plugins for calendar and stuff..

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    let me know if you need a website like this one. This was created using docswrite.com

    I can add any custom html

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    You can try Frontly and sign up for a free account to build a custom web app, you can make a full functional app - no coding required, and it's quick. Depending on your app use case, as quick as a few minutes.

    We're also looking for beta testers! You may want to collaborate with us and we can bring your app idea to life. Our team is available via live-chat to help, and we have a free-forever plan (with some limitations) for beta testers.

    I can send you a Calendly link if you are interested to discuss more regarding your app with the team.

    Check demo apps: https://demo.frontlyapp.com/home

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