Newsletters are a mess for me. Need help!

Opening my email box every day to read newsletters is like stepping into a jungle – a scary one! All these unread emails just stare back at me, and I end up closing it all because it's just too much to handle! Maybe, we can blame the attention span.

I tried everything : made a new email just for these newsletters, and sorted them into folders, but guess what?

Still a mess! I just can't keep up!

Sometimes, I click on an email thinking, "Ah, this is gonna be good!" But nope, it's just words that don't matter to me. Feels like I'm wasting time looking for something I never find. I get that not every newsletter will be the same or for me, but at least I should know that before I open and start reading it.

And don't even get me started on those ads! They're everywhere, making it hard to enjoy reading. Why do newsletters have to be about selling stuff?

I used to love newsletters; they were my go-to for info. But now? It's a struggle to even make sense of them. I need help!

I still believe in newsletters, but I just don't know what to do.

If you've read it till here, how do you consume your newsletters?

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    You can unsubscribe easily.
    Just scroll down and at the footer there's a button called "Unsubscribe"

    That will help.

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      Do you feel the unsubscribing process os weird?

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        Yes super weird. But it's possible to unsubscribe.

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    This problem is so real for me. I just downloaded Feedly and am trying to get all my newsletters into an RSS reader, but it seems like with a lot of the newsletters I can't actually send it to an RSS feed. I think there's a feature that allows you to generate a special email that sends the newsletter to your Feedly app.

    Curious if you've tried anything similar?

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      Indeed the RSS issue is there for sure.

      But I have 3 major issues:

      • difficult to decide which newsletter to read & which ones to skip.
      • difficult to manage their notes/bookmarks/highlighted sections from these newsletters. Basically, the things you do after reading them.
      • unsubscription and management of newsletter separately.
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    I keep to a few simple rules:

    1. I don't sign up for daily newsletters, only weekly newsletters.
    2. If I read 3 issues of a newsletter and I get no value from it, I unsubscribe.
    3. I batch read newsletters, usually twice a week (Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon).
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      Oh this is a great process. Thanks bud!
      If you could solve any one problem to make your newsletter consumption process/experience the best - what would that be?

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    Slow to subscribe, quick to unsubscribe.

    I only have one email newsletter now that goes into my inbox since 2010.

    Instead I've been subscribed to RSS feeds from my favourite industry blogs using Feedly. Even then I'm only subscribed to 6 blogs. Most of them are weekly roundups of the most interesting industry articles and 9 times out of 10 at least one link is relevent to me. It keeps everything out of my inbox and can easily be managed.

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      +1 , I usually find myself enjoying a bunch of their blog posts first before I decide to subscribe to their newsletter to get notified. The only newsletters I follow are curation newsletters which I'm confident will give me valuable information every time that directly helps my project, they curate information that I note down in Notion that would otherwise take me hours to find myself.

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      This limiting the source is indeed a good way, thanks bud!
      Would love to know more about your consumption habits..

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        Sure, ask away if you have questions.

        I used to read posts from a number of sources every day to keep on top of new developments. I work in tech so it moves quite fast. However I realised I could leave for weeks, or even months, and when I returned to the content I hadn't really missed much.

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          Wouldn't it be easy for you to get a summarised form of these articles from all these sources?

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    Use any of the mass unsubscribe tools out there. Stick with maybe 2 or 3 max. Focus on quality over quantity. The only reason you're still subscribed is because of FOMO. But in reality you're not missing out on anything.

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    just subscribe to 3-5 extremely valuable ones

    no point in subscribing to 15 if you dont read any

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    There's this site called https://hey.com/ (from the guys 37Signals, who created Basecamp) that's supposed to help with this! Worth checking out.

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    I was hoping to see my newsletter in that screenshot. 😆

    What I do is:

    • create a filter for the word 'unsubscribe'
    • have all of those skip the inbox
    • dump all of those in a folder or label called '_Subscribed'

    This clears out soooo many emails from my inbox. Then, I pursue the newsletters when
    I feel like.

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    Same here! Awful task to identify if an email is worth it or not.

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    Usually newsletters hold more knowledge/experience/valuable insights than the any content that reachable via search engines. I sometimes search from substack for a specific topic but it is a mess tho.

    Unsub from the ones that I never read, check regularly 2-3 ones timely, read the other ones when I'm on transportation etc.

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    Suscribing only to the most timeworthy ones, for me these are the key points:

    1. Difference, it must be different in something. What is the additional value?
    2. Representation, only suscribing to newsletter I would be proud of writing. If it cant be wrote properly, How is it supposed to teach me something harder?
    3. Competence, my mornings are sacred, I will only spend time reading the best ones.
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    Be the change you are looking after.

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    I only subscribe to the newsletter that I will read. Nowadays everyone starting to do a newsletter, it's highly saturated.

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