Post a "Show IH" and appear on the Indie Hackers podcast

I'd like to invite more indie hackers from the community onto the podcast!

So here's how I'll pick. Post a "Show IH" in this group sometime in the next 30 days. Tell everyone:

  • what you're working on (link to it!)
  • how much revenue it's making (should be >$0/month)

The rest is up to you! I recommend keeping it short and sweet.

It's also worth thinking about what makes your post interesting to other IHers. Is the product something they'd find cool? Is your story something that resonates? Do you have a unique learning you can share? Or an opinion or question that can generate discussion?

Whatever it is, try to focus on that in your post's body and/or title.

I'll pick one or two people who have a good "Show IH" post with some healthy discussion, and invite them onto the pod. Perhaps I'll do this every month.

Happy posting!

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    This is great Allen. Lately I've felt you disconnected a bit (regarding your podcast content) from the community to interview bigger founders and brought back several same people. Although those people are still amazing and their insight valuable, there are so many people here in your community who are doing great and have great story to share. Very happy you wrote this post today and looking out for great podcasts!

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      you might wish to check out 🎙️ Indie Bites :)

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        cheers, already a big listener of indie bites as well 😁

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      I appreciate your post Arnauddsj! Hoping to be one of those people that gets picked to share my story of starting my e-commerce business. We've been crushing it for a little under a year now and any exposure would be so helpful. Plus, I just can't help myself and have found such a passion in what I'm doing and would like to share this with as many people as possible. The project is called BeeWell Box and it is the first honey-based subscription service. Definitely check it out if you have some time.


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        Hey there! does anyone know how I can get the privilege to actually submit to this contest? It allows me to open it up and type everything but unfortunately, I am unable to submit it. Thank you!!! @csallen

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          What happens when you try to submit a post?

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            For some reason it would go to the next page but then when I searched for the comment on the thread it wouldn't pop up. It seems like it has resolved itself! Thank you for checking in my brother.

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    So here is the design of our @arouundapp when you want to create or copy new events. Exisitng!!!


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    @csallen we're not for sale yet, but we've raised $24k on Kickstarter (and counting). If we did as you suggested, would you have us on?

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      Possibly! I'll be looking at the various Show IH posts, seeing what's interesting, and seeing what the community engages with in the comments.

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        Hey there! I was informed about your platform and put onto this opportunity by someone in the community. I just completed my SHOW IH post but for some reason, I was not able to submit it. I have created a really neat E-commerce business centered around immunity-boosting honey and helping the environment called BeeWell Box. Please let me know what I need to do to be able to submit to this!

        Thank and BeeWell,

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        I'd be interested in this to understand how you were successful in Kickstarter, it seems to be another chicken and egg platform 😅

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          I agree, most of the success stories I have come across on kickstarter were because the mission knew where a good chunk of the money was coming from prior to launching the campaign. I would love to know more about how you guys were able to navigate the space and have the sucess youve had! Thank you

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    brb starting a new company.

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    Really great to see this! I love the way the podcast has become more conversational recently, with some really good, experienced guests and I'd like to continue to hear interviews with earlier-stage IHers.

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    This is a really good tactic to make people post more "Show IH" content. (the recent poll in the meta group) 😄

    It is a good initiative though!

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      Hey! what does this mean? thank you!

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    Love this Courtland!

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    It's great to see some interest in talking to the people who haven't made it just yet, but who might.

    I think super successful stories are great to hear, but sometimes they don't feel relatable, maybe because the people telling them are a bit like gods, maybe because they are talked about in hindsight, maybe because it's harder to relate to a story that's way too many steps in front of you. So they end up being a bit more like fables than something that will help me get there too, I think.

    So this post + my twitter feed kinda inspired me to take this "talking about the journey of getting revenue" idea a bit further & bring some focus to the people who haven’t made any revenue just yet, but have a plan on how to do it.

    I know I know $0MRR, very frowned upon. But everyone starts there & I think it might be interesting to hear about this type journey too, especially as it happens. It would be interesting to see how people approach challenges, as they come across them & how they sometimes surpass them & sometimes they don't & how they approach it all. I think it would also bring a different POV seeing in real time that a lot of things don't work, before something works. And that all that is ok & part of the process.

    I'm not sure if anyone else would find this interesting or if it's just me, so for now I've just thrown this page together to gather some thoughts: https://mrrplan.xyz/ - would other people be interested in seeing something like this? What type of medium would work best for something like this? Would it valuable from both sides?

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      I think there's kind of a tradeoff, and also a sweet spot.

      As you mentioned, when people who are too far ahead, it can feel unrelatable, as if you're listening to a myth. The main value for these types of stories is to simply inspire others. When you hear about someone going from $0 to $1M or something like that, it can be incredibly motivational, although maybe not super helpful.

      On the flip side, you have $0 MRR stories, where the people are others just like you, and they're also involved in the struggle. So it can be helpful to hear what they're up to, because they're doing the same things you're doing or hope to do. But the challenge is that they haven't "figured it out" yet, so it's hard to really be certain if the advice you're getting is useful.

      I think the sweet spot is finding people at stage X and interviewing them about stage X-1. For example, when someone hits $100 MRR, interview them about pushing past $0 MRR. If someone is at $0 MRR, interview them about coming up with an idea and putting their site together. That way you know they have the authority to discuss what they're discussing (bc they solved and moved past it), but they aren't so far ahead that they're unrelatable and don't remember the details of how they did it.

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        Looking at stuff holistically I completely agree! I think going for the mix of “having done it” with “achieved relatable levels of success” would be great for the IH podcast! And don’t get me wrong - it’s great to hear inspirational stories too! I think everybody on this platform has big aspirations of some sort & seeing people achieve things that feel super far away can make them feel slightly more achievable & make you believe in your lofty goals too.

        I also feel like on a more zoomed in level, when starting something, there is a lot of loneliness & shooting in the dark. There is also this illusion that everybody around you is doing great & you must be the only person who hasn’t cracked it yet.

        I’ve been doing ok revenue wise (could always be better) for the past couple years, with some of my stuff making money & some not. But I remember quitting my job & learning how to code & nobody really getting me or understanding what I was doing & why I was doing it. There was a lot of doubt, a lot of having to prove myself. Not a lot of people that I related to.

        I’ve always just kicked my own ass & figured stuff out one way or another but I feel like there is a level where people could benefit from a bit more human connection & from seeing others like them. I don’t think you can necessarily get that from a “I’ve done it & this is how I made it work” (that’s still super valuable to learn about, but that’s a different type of value). I think it would be more about looking at the million things that you are doing and are not working, before something starts to work.

        At this point, it’s just an assumption that other people would find this valuable & I might be completely wrong! But I think it’s worth testing to find out.

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    This is awesome! Love the podcast and excited to hear these stores.

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    11 years ago I built a reputation management and branding agency and this year I'm working on selling it so I can start building something new and even more scalable with my freed up time.

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    This is great @csallen! I just posted my experience in turning my frustrations into a $2K MRR opportunity - https://www.indiehackers.com/post/show-ih-how-i-turned-my-frustration-into-a-2k-mrr-opportunity-in-a-week-561cd7b721

    Hope its helpful to fellow IH!

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    Hello @csallen

    I was informed about your platform and put onto this opportunity by someone in the community. I just completed my SHOW IH post but for some reason, I was not able to submit it. I have created a really neat E-commerce business centered around immunity-boosting honey and helping the environment called BeeWell Box. Please let me know what I need to do to be able to submit to this!

    Thank and BeeWell,

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    I just wanted to suggest that IH podcasts invites more middle-indies rather than stars. Great initiative and I just took the opportunity to post my project :)

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    brb turning finishing remodeling my basement so I can jump back on to Eurotripr.com and make some revenue by EOM with it!

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    Will this be the very thing that pulls me out of lurking in IH and my endless yak shaving...only God knows, but this is a great thing you are doing for the community Mr Courtland, big fan of the Podcast!

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