Post Your Affiliate Program! 🔥

I figure there are some of us working in "complementary" niches and we could benefit from utilizing each other's affiliate programs. I did a search to see if I could find some affiliate programs of fellow indie hackers, but didn't have much luck.

This thread is to post:

  1. Your startup and what it does
  2. A link to your affiliate program

🤞 Hopefully this will get some exposure for your affiliate program, drive revenue, and create some friendships along the way.

I'll start:

  1. Removaly - A SaaS to remove your personal information from the internet.
  2. Link to affiliate program

GO! 👇

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    EmailOctopus - Email marketing made easy. We're used by a handful of Indie Hackers, like Marketing Examples and No CS Degree, for their marketing and newsletters.

    Our affiliate program offers 30% commission: https://emailoctopus.com/affiliates

    1. 1

      Not fair, email octopus is versatile product it’s complementary to almost every niche. Haha JK, Great product!

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    BirdSend - affordable email marketing tool for content creators. We send 30M emails/month.

    This is our affiliate program which pays 30% recurring commissions. Details here:

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    Backendless is an established (since 2012) no-code app development platform.

    We are offering a 50% commission for each referred customer's first year: https://backendless.com/affiliate/

    1. 2

      Wow, surprised I hadn't heard of backendless until now. Looks awesome! Thanks for posting!

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    1. https://kickstartsidehustle.com/brainiac/ - Get the marketing psychology principles to get people to buy more from you, and the most creative/viral/effective marketing examples

    2. Register at https://gumroad.com/ (takes 10 seconds) and contact me at salut@kickstartsidehustle.com for 50% commission

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    Website builder for startups - got a ton of indie hackers using us


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    Hey Kyle,

    Question... What do you think of an alternative to "affiliate marketing"—a platform that connects you to various distribution channels where your product would be sold via a conversion optimized checkout process? And better yet, what if it positioned your product as an upsell thus putting your product right in front of customers when they are most likely to buy again...

    Interested in hearing your thoughts :D

    1. 1

      Sent you an email. I'd be interested to hear more 👍

    2. 1

      That sounds quite interesting - are you building something like this?

      1. 2

        Hey Harry,
        Yup we're working on it—accepting Makers on our waitlist now. Shoot me an email if you'd like to give the platform a test-drive once we launch. 👍

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    Castocity - Helps podcasters market and monetize their show


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    Someka.net - We develop ready-to-use Excel spreadsheet templates. This is quite a niche vertical and we are one of a handful in the world who does this professionally at a company level. (yeah people are still using Excel in 2021. Much much more than you would expect :)

    Our affiliate program: https://www.someka.net/affiliates/

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    Scrintal – create visual notes and connect those either with each other or with info from external sources (SoMe, forum - e.g. IH, website, pdf, video). We're still on waitlist (5000 ppl & growing) and getting ready for private beta in December.

    We only have a referral program so far. Working quite well.

    Check it out by signing up 👉 www.scrintal.com! It'd be great to hear your feedback on the rewards and sharing structure.

    1. 1

      Hey @ardaertem love landing page of Scrintal - Typography, copy and illustrations all look really nice. Quick question - How did you build your waiting list to 5,000 people? That's quite an achievement.

      1. 1

        Thank you very much Janinah! I appreciate your kind comments. We worked with a copywriter which later turned out to be very useful for the design team.

        We tried a ton of different stuff (still trying) – probably the most notable one was building a mentorship program for students with a bit of financial support. This has generated a lot of interest. We also partnered with another organisation and sponsored their scholarship in exchange for sign ups. Those who joined the waitlist received a detailed explanation about why we are building Scrintal, what it'll be all about.

        Honestly, we're far from cracking the code but experimenting several different things along the way.

        Once we learn a bit more, I'll write a post just about the referral topic.

        1. 1

          Interesting ideas and not what I was expecting! I was thinking you were going to say something like PR or lots of posting in Reddit or a viral tweet. 😅 Having said that though, I'm thinking the mentorship programme in particular is an interesting approach to take that clearly paid off. I look forward to reading your post at some point and thanks for the quick reply.

          1. 1

            Haha! That is something in the pipeline :) What has worked for you so far? Any tips to share?

            1. 1

              Well I've only just done a soft launch. So haven't started selling products and services yet. When I do though I intend on getting customers/clients from forums such as here, product hunt and UK Business Forum.
              Plus, by advertising services on exchanges/market places like Upwork, people per hour etc. As well as reaching out to contacts/network.

              1. 1

                Awesome! Let's stay in touch and happy to help if I many in any way.

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    Are you building software for others? Earn 10% of their PubSub bills each month (Pusher, Ably, PubNub) by referring them to PieSocket.


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    Hey! Love the idea.

    I'm working on AdminKit, an admin dashboard template featuring over 500+ UI elements. We already have multiple partners who crossed $1,000 in sales.

    Website: https://adminkit.io/
    Affiliates: https://adminkit.io/affiliate-program/ (50% commission!)

    Any questions, or interested in signing up? Shoot me a message at paul@adminkit.io.

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    Oh, that's an interesting thread! Here is ours:

    1. HeadcomAI - Pitch Journalists from media outlets faster! -> https://www.headcomai.com/
    2. Link to the affiliate program -> https://www.headcomai.com/affiliates
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    Howdy! We're a service that helps the time-poor read more. We had too many friends complain that they couldn't fit enough reading in - so we make it easier by finding and summarising the best content we can get out hands on.

    Affiliate - 50% lifetime commissions, no limits, monthly PayPal payouts.

    1. https://thechattymammoth.com/
      2.https://thechattymammoth.com/affiliate-registration/ (note is says 15%, as this is the standard referral rate for normal members, not designated affiliates)
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    We're a social media scheduling platform, with a 40% recurring monthly (lifetime) affiliate program, here's the links!

    Platform: Pallyy
    Affiliates: Sign up

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    Hey Mike here!

    Project: Wicked Templates
    Limk: wickedtemplates.com

    What we do?

    Free and Premium themes, UI Kit's, templates and landing pages built with Tailwind CSS, HTML & Next.js.

    Affiliate program: wickedtemplates.com/affiliates
    Open Startup: wickedtemplates.com/open
    ![w] (https://www.wickedtemplates.com/images/opengraph/openGraphTwitter.png])

    Thank you!

    1. 1

      Most template sites offer 50%. It is a lot but better to have an active affiliate than not.

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    Great post!!

    1. https://www.vadoo.tv/ -Video hosting and marketing for creators.
    2. https://www.vadoo.tv/affiliate
    1. 1

      Interesting concept, thanks!

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    Great post, Kyle!

    Recrooit - A referral-based recruitment platform where you can recommend your peers for advertised positions.

    We offer a 35% commission on payments made with the link. Join our affiliate here.

    1. 1

      Awesome, looks great!

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    Geat post, Kyle. Love it

    While I don't have any automate affiliate mechanism setup ( YET! ), I still do it all manually.

    1️⃣🅰 https://lifeboss.biz
    1️⃣🅱 https://web3jobs.biz

    2️⃣🅰 I can generate a code for you to get 50% off your first month 💪and you can use that code to get subsequent 50% off for each person who uses it
    2️⃣🅱 No bueno, yet! Still finishing up the MVP

    🤙cool idea, brotha.

    1. 1

      Awesome, thanks for posting I'll check it out!

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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