RPG in a box

A bit niche, but if you've ever wanted to build a game, this tool makes it incredibly accessible. Great tool for building some coding skills in a for-fun type of environment.

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    RPGiaB allows you to build a low-fi Ultima dungeon crawler remake, or a high fidelity Voxel 1st person game. The community comes up with very impressive designs and tweaks – make sure to check out their Discord!

    It's built on the Godot 3 engine, being updated to Godot 4, so it benefits a lot from Godot's stability and tooling!

    IMHO the scripting API could be changed a bit to target programmers, but non-programmers seem to find no offense, so it's very capable of driving a game alreayd!

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    This looks good! 8-bit games have been gaining lots of momentum lately.

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    This is awesome! I wanted to learn pixel art and game dev for a while. I'm a web developer by trade.

    I created AdventurePlane, so maybe we could work together or integrate somewhere down the road. Would be really cool for someone to write a dnd adventure in AdventurePlane and then build the campaign out in real time for their players to experience.

    In any case, nice work this is awseome!

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    I love using RPG in a box. One of the best game making tools out there.

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