Searching for a TECH confounder (ML & AI)


I work in private equity and I'm searching for a tech cofounder to team up with me in bringing my idea to life. This idea has already been tested and proven successful. If you're interested, we can have a quick chat to discuss my idea and see if we're a perfect match. Just so you know, I'm based in Canada.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Comment your email below and I will reach out to you

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    Hit me up if you need a UX/UI expert. I'm the founder of jimdesigns.co

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    To help you find someone, let me ask you:

    • What do you bring to the table?
    • Are there other people in the team? You'll probably need more than ML & AI to create a product/service.
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      During my time as the top consultant for Google Streetview in my district, I played a crucial role in providing valuable insights and expertise to help enhance the user experience of the platform.

      I successfully established and nurtured an e-commerce business. Through strategic planning and effective execution, I not only built the business from scratch but also implemented innovative marketing strategies that resulted in substantial growth and increased profitability.

      Moreover, I possess hands-on experience in the intricate process of buying a business and transforming it into a prosperous venture. With my comprehensive knowledge of market trends, financial analysis and business development.

      It's only me right now and I'm recruiting founders who share the same passion and vision as me....

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        I'm not your next co-founder, but thought it would help your case to get these answered. :)

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    I am interested. Would love to connect. I am an engineer, MBA grad and founder. Let me know how I can connect with you.

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    Hello, I'm a fullstack engineer. Please pm or email (in my profile page). I can share more about my expertise. Would love to talk more!

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    This sounds interesting. I've ran a couple business and currently own and running ByteAmite.com

    Feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear more and potentially partner up on this if the fit is right. I have experience with some development, cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, etc.


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    My name is Michael, and I'm currently working as a Cloud Engineer/Service Architect for Tietoevry a software company serving clients across Scandinavia.

    Before joining Tietoevry, I worked as an MLOps Engineer for Datasentics, an AI product studio specializing in machine learning, cloud, and data engineering. I've worked there on developing a Model Deploy Framework for Moneta Money Bank and an MLOps solution for AAA Auto, the largest used car retailer in Central Europe.

    I'm passionate about machine learning and AI. I spend a lot of my free time experimenting with Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    My discord id - 440154856255258634

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