Seeking a growth-hacker co-founder for a live consulting platform

Hello folks,

We are the two founders (CEO and CTO) of https://livehacks.co/, an alternative to consulting platform Superpeer and Clarity, with a USP: all public profiles feature a video pitch to help consultants break the ice with any potential clients.

We are looking for a third co-founder as Digital Marketing/Product Director, comfortable in the consulting/coaching field, now that the webapp has been fully developed and has been just published (in beta for now).
The mission is to show our target partners (the consultants, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, youtubers, freelancers...) that the product is valuable to them.
KPI: number of new consultants registered on the platform
As a marketing & product expert, you know what it takes and understands all aspects of the job: positioning, personas, strategy, ideation, features,...

Your soft skills with a shared entrepreneurial passion and strategic vision are paramount to us.

Please feel free to ask us anything, share your concerns or challenge us as long as it is constructive.
Thanks all for your attention.

Fred (Europe-based) & Stephan (America-based)

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    Hello, guys!
    I am interested. I have solid experience in marketing and am open to discussing the partnership. Let's see if I am a good fit.

    1. 1

      Dear Ekaterina,
      Thanks for your interest.
      May I ask a few questions right here, unless you want to take it private for your answers?
      From our posting and website, what drew your attention and interest?
      Do you identify particular niches which the platform should attend to?
      What do you think are the main strengths and weaknesses of the current platform?
      Do you already have an idea of the communities from where to source our future partners?
      Can you tell us a bit more about yourself please?

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