Seeking CTO Co-founder for electric guitar manufacturer

Well hello there.

We are a new electric guitar manufacturer selling direct to our customers through an ecommerce site and we need a CTO Co-founder to join our team as we go out to secure a seed round.

We are looking for someone to oversee:

  • a deeply experiential, visual ecommerce site where users co-design their dream guitar
  • a manufacturing management system that connects with the ecommerce site to manage production of each instrument from raw wood to shipped guitar, with email notifications, automated video recording and some other fun stuff.

We want someone who is really into music and really passionate about joining our team, helping shape the forward direction of this company and make a difference in the world, goshdarnit.

If this is you, please book a slot on my calendar to chat: https://calendly.com/tomdowler/30min


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    Have you seen the new Kiesel guitar builder experience? Not sure if you're going for something like that, but it's pretty slick:


    Also, I'm curious to see some guitar design examples.

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      I have. Theirs is the closest I've found to what I'm aiming for, but I think there are ways to improve it, make it more visual and immersive. Their build time is 16-20 weeks also, which is insane.

      I also like Emerald Guitar's builder for acoustics: https://emeraldguitars.com/builder/

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        Woah, that's really cool. Haven't heard if Emerald.

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    Hi Tom, you better start with the classic e-commerce and add the custom user design functionality as stage 2, when you have some traction.
    the manufacturing link with the e-commerce is a good idea but again most companies do without it until the sales numbers grow up.
    Happy to give you some technical advise on the implementation of your idea if you want one (contacts in my profile)

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      Yup, that's the plan.

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    This comment was deleted 7 days ago.

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