Seeking developer for a contained B2B micro SaaS

Try not to fall asleep. Website checks the accuracy of a specific piece of bank statement information.

I can't see this project taking more than a month to complete.

Looking for someone who has done the housekeeping stuff before, like signup, security, billing, etc.

I can pay or equity split or something in between. Email me (combatfleet@gmail.com) a description of a SaaS you've worked on before (regardless of success), and your terms. This is a simple project (in my mind), so please no extended Q&A. Thanks.

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    Update: I've been told that, with testing, this is a two-month project (Thank you @petrovn). I'm not under a time crunch by any definition, but for me, it was a good lesson in perception vs. estimate-based reality.

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    We have 3,159 Volunteers from 72 countries at https://skilledup.life . Please note you cannot pay them, give any rewards or make any promises of future paid work.

    We might provide an option for you @combatfleet

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    Hi @combatfleet, there is no DM's here so leave email or something (in your post or your profile) if you want people to contact you.
    as for your request, happy to help if you have a scope document and your estimation holds at around a month based on the scope document review. (contacts in my profile)

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