Seeking marketing cofounder for a revenue generating SaaS product

Looking for a marketing cofounder for a SaaS product. Product has done $60,000 revenue this year and now looking to scale marketing for this and therefore looking for someone with all round product marketing and growth marketing experience.

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    Hi @shehroze, I am a growth/product marketer with 15+ years of experience, have previously founded a SaaS startup, an agency with Fortune 100 clients, and a digital media company that scaled to 90 M monthly visits. I have also been consulting startups, mainly SaaS and e-Commerce for the last 3 years.

    I am also very familiar with GPT-3 copywriting tools like Jasper, copy.ai, copysmith.ai, etc.

    I would love to hear more about your project. Please feel free to shoot me an email - at jp@collectivetraction.com

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    Hey @shehroze! Would love to have a chat and see if I'm possibly the right fit. I've worked in marketing (customer acquisition and retention) from bootstrapped startups to unicorn/post-acquisition. Started a few of my own indie projects and sold one on MicroAcquire. I see a pretty clear path to a potential exit here within the next 18 months. Please shoot me an email at c.potapoff@gmail.com and we can chat more.

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      Hi @codypotapoff,

      Thanks for your interest. Just dropped you an email.

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    Hey @shehroze I'm an experienced Growth Marketer having worked with Fintechs, Saas and a whole heap of other tech companies - Would love to hear more about the product, drop me a line - max@acetonelondon.com

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      Great! Just dropped you an email

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    Hey, @shehroze!

    Would be amazing to hear more about what type of SaaS product you are working with - e.g. atleast industry, so it'd be clear on what type of help is needed and if there's a fit!

    For instance, I'm someone who's experienced in Business Development, have founded my own startup, worked with many other startups, managing international, local PR, expansion in new markets, creating visibility through different channels (Speaking at conferences, panels, podcasts, organising events), etc.

    And the industry is SaaS, no-code AI, LegalTech, Intelligent Automation.
    So if it's in line with anything you see beneficial - i'm open, but if it's something in of an industry that i'm not familiar with, I doubt I could help :)

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      Hey @Elvirakk

      The product is an AI powered copywriter within the marketing / productivity niche.

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