Seeking Marketing Partner for B2B SAAS

Hi all, I have built an app to help recruiters assess applicants' communication abilities via live chat as well as static question/answers.

So far, I have one paying customer: a large healthcare recruitment firm.

I am looking for a partner who wants to help me grow the customer base and develop the product to its full potential.

The marketing page (https://assesswithcare.com) shows my lack of focus on, well, marketing, but I would be happy to demo the app to interested folk.


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    Hey @bbarr i would be interested to chat, still open?

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    Hey Brendan!
    Product looks super interesting, would love to chat - drop me a message at Zubair.m2001 at gmail dot co (m)

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    Hey Brendan! I think based on your post that you need help from Sales person rather than marketing. Try to find some kind of Business Development Manager who can hoop on call with potential customers. It will be great if you could working on marketing and SEO simultaneously but maybe it will be better to start from sales, get first feedback, know your customers and then focus more on marketing. Just my thoughts :) Good luck!

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