Seeking Tech Co-Founder

Looking to partner with a Java / Javascript pro to build out an app for a new division of an established company. NO $ investment is needed.

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    Providing more details about you and your idea will help :)

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    Hi Dotcommaiden,

    Myself 9.8 Years experienced in Java technology with js framework let me know if we can discuss more in details.

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    Hi. I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to know if you've any work in React, Angular, Node, Nest, Wordpress, React Native or AWS? If yes, then let me know. I am interested to work and collaborate on your projects.I am a CTO at BrainsPK Tech Company with a background of Full Stack Developer (Web, Android, iOs, and Windows ) having experience of 8 years in React, React Native, Angular Ts, Ionic, Cordova, Next Js, Nest js, Tailwind CSS, Vue Js, Node Js, Express js, and Firebase. I know DevOps as well and have good experience with AWS, Ms. Azure, Netlify, Docker, and deployment. I've worked as a technical lead and I've got a lot of experience with software architects. I've managed huge databases ( both SQL and non-SQL). I've also worked as QA Engineer and I did testing using tools like Jest, Selenium, and Storybook.

    I've worked as a tech lead in a team of 40 for the past 3 years and I've managed more than 15 huge projects. I was responsible for training and managing the team and projects. I've done a lot of similar projects and that's why I am interested in this one because I am confident about it.

    I use jest and Storybook for testing. For managing tasks we use Trello, Jira, Assaana, Monday, Clickup like tools. We review and test the code + functionality before pushing the code to production.

    I love the concept of this role, and I believe I can provide more value by contributing my skills and efforts to this. I'll love to work with you on this role & we'll make the next big thing together by collaborating on good projects.

    I can also design the UI/UX of your app and can change the design according to your requirements.

    See my Behance profile for my previous work:-

    Links to my Github and GitLab account is :

    My Linkedin profile :

    My Upwork profile :

    Upwork Agency profile:

    Contact me to discuss and start working. I'll love to discuss how we can grow together. I'll do my best to collaborate and achieve common goals.
    Or if you can you please refer me to someone in your network ?
    That will be very helpful 🙂

    CEO BrainsPK,

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    Strictly Java? Would consider .NET? Would love to hear more.

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    Would love to hear more, can you leave an email where we can discuss?

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    Hi @Dotcommaiden
    I recommend hiring for tech cofounders/developers through Githired.
    With Githired you can search for your project idea(s) on Github, and use the Githired chrome extension to get in contact with the vetted developers on any relevant projects that match what you're trying to build. That way, you get to partner with skilled developers who have already worked on your project before, and would bring their passions/failures/successes to your partnership! Check it out: https://bit.ly/githired_devs

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