Seeking Tech Co-founder for B2B product marketplace

I am currently building a startup in the manufacturing space to help buyers source, review, and compare vendors and products quickly & easily while helping OEMs sell more and enable them to market to new prospects. I have worked in this industry for over a decade in sales & marketing and have a personal understanding of the problem both on the buyer and supplier sides. I have conducted interviews to gain insights, validated the problem, and am working on scoping out the MVP.

This is an early-stage startup, I am searching for a technical co-founder to develop the product together, own engineering & design who has a proven track record. I would prefer someone who's passionate about the manufacturing space or the problem we are trying to solve and am open to potential co-founders with other complementary skill sets.

I'd prefer someone in CA or the western US as I value some in-person collaboration. Let me know if you're interested in learning more, and a little about your background in a DM. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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    Hey there. I see you haven't responded to any comments below, but I'll pose my question anyway. How do you plan to provide product-to-product comparison across multiple vendors? Is this like a marketplace where vendors list their products with prices and the buyers have the option browsing through different products? Sort of like Amazon/Alibaba but in the manufacturing space?

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    I'm currently building out my own startup of a white-label e-commerce marketplace platform for allowing the creation of B2B, B2C e-commerce marketplaces. Quite well progressed with Shopify product management features for individual shops to login into to feed products into a common white-label marketplace using a common product taxonomy for consumers to search across using Typesense (open source Algolia features) for rapid marketplace search. I could probably quite quickly prototype a marketplace using it if you wanted to chat more and would be useful for me as looking for early marketplaces to start testing against. I'm based in the UK and I'm a full stack developer with 20 years+ experience and have built front end (NextJS 13), backend (C#/ .NET 7) and Azure cloud infra-structure. Happy to chat more if you wanted to take a look.

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    just get any ecommerce no code product and set it up so you can actually find customers (or see if you can find any business that wants to sign with you), when you do that you will be ready to get a proper tech person on board

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    I'm on the east coast so not your perfect candidate but I really like what you've described here, especially your expertise and the fact that you've done due diligence on product-market fit. So happy to help in any capacity.

    I have 10 years of software experience in SV both at FAANG and startups. Diverse experience from 20 person startup that got sold to Twitter for 600M to AI/ML at medium/large corps. I'm a tech advisor/angel investor in several successful startups and also have access to a pool of low-cost devs that I usually use to bootstrap product.

    shoot me a dm on linkedin/twitter either way, would love to follow along your journey

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