Seeking: Technical Cofounder

I started building Float a year ago, and development stalled after my cofounder had to step away.

V1 of the product is 90% of the way to being done.

Looking for a technical cofounder who can develop software like a wizard.

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    "V1 of the product is 90% of the way to being done."

    Cool, that means only 80% of the work needs to happen.

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    Tapflow.app can be your technical co-founder!
    We won't walk away the way your co-founder did.

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    🦄 ✨ 🧙 abracadabra 💨🚀
    Hey, blake believe it or not, I have been building prototypes of a notion-based course-building platform for a couple of days. I would like to chat! I got you. dm me from any app with @Necmttn

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    Hey Blake, DM'd you on Twitter 🙏

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    What’s the tech stack? Seems interesting. Pricing is a little low. How much time commitment are you seeking?

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      Agree, more info is needed on the tech stack

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    If you're keen to stay solo and open to a technical partner, check out our 4-month product accelerator (accelerator.paralect.com)

    You get a full product team, we train devs (with experienced oversight from mentor), launch after ~3 months + go-to-market support.

    Float looks cool 👍

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    Hey Blake,

    maybe it would be a good idea to talk a little bit about the tech-stack, which could help potential Co-Founders to find you faster?

    1. 2

      This is a good idea as "technical co-founder" is quite a broad spectrum - however, I'd slightly value co-founder fit and drive over their expertise (though the latter definitely helps!)

      1. 1

        Agreed. But as a tech founder (not looking), I would want to ensure the tech was a fit for me before exploring co-founder-fit.

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