Share the link of your Indie project 👇

Yesterday I made a post on Twitter in which I asked to share the link of his project.

More than 100 people answered.

I discovered some great products.

I'm asking you here too.


Because I see some amazing projects and I would like to list them so I can share them here, on Twitter or Linkedin.

I would like to create the largest indie project directory

If you're ok, share in comments :

  • the link of your product/service/project
  • the name of your product
  • your name / first name
  • your Linkedin
  • your twitter
  1. 1

    Hey Victor ! I'm Ousseynou (@studiocisse on twitter)

    I'm building https://pacekit.co, a tool to create LinkedIn carousels without pushing pixels. They are such a pain to make.


  2. 10

    I'm building and growing Remote Work Junkie, your hub for all things remote work. Launched March 2022 as a side project, but growing! Website is: https://remoteworkjunkie.com/

    Your name / first name: Todd

    Your twitter: https://twitter.com/tk4087


    1. 1

      Nice one. Looks like we are in the same boat.
      I am building a job board for location independent jobs.
      Link: https://www.realworkfromanywhere.com/

    2. 1

      Really like it mate!

  3. 6

    Hey Victor!

    I'm building Rainmaker, a cold (bulk) DM platform for Slack, Twitter and Linkedin.

    My name is Peter Gombos
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/pepegombos

      1. 2

        Cheers ;) I remember when I first read this sentence, and I knew that if one day I'll build a sales-related app/tool, I'll use this name :D

        "A rainmaker is an individual who generates an unusually high amount of revenue for an organization by bringing new clients and new business to the company."

        Unfortunately, the short domains were taken..

  4. 6

    The Slice - A newsletter for people interested in starting, building and growing an online business. It goes out to 7k+ devs, marketers and bootstrappers.
    Follow along: https://twitter.com/jonasslice

  5. 6

    Hey Victor,

    I am building https://www.imaginaryspace.co.uk/ A productized subscription service that creates high CRO landing pages for mid-sized companies and startups.


  6. 1

    Thanks Victor!

    I'm building SvaraCollective Studio, an online editor to generate interactive keyboard & piano song notes which makes it easy for beginners to learn music.

    A picture's worth a thousand words so here's what it looks like
    falling notes

    I'm on twitter at https://twitter.com/SvaraCollective

  7. 5

    PHPRunner - build professional web apps with little or no coding

    Sergey Kornilov

  8. 5

    Hey, I'm building https://linkja.co A Linktree alternative for devs
    Linkja is Link+Ninja

  9. 5


    It's gonna be a way to shuffle your todos. And here's my Twitter 🧡 https://twitter.com/aminaeily

    1. 1

      Looks really cool! I miss the drag-n-drop feature, but I know it is horrible to implement without any bugs (as I worked on it with Editor.js and TipTap)

      1. 1

        Thank you Gergo 😄 You got it right about Editor.js !

    2. 1

      This looks super cool, Amí!

      1. 1

        Thanks (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  10. 5

    Hi Victor! Sounds awesome and another opportunity to spread the word :)

    I'm Allison. I'm building Sidekick. Sidekick is a productivity tool that blocks internet distractions and promotes deep work. My twitter is @arleeeson.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    1. 3

      This sounds interesting, Allison. How has indie hacking been? My twitter is https://twitter.com/saigalsn - look forward to connecting!

      1. 1

        it's been going well! how about you? What are you building?

        1. 1

          It's been a rollercoaster ride - we are onboarding supply side of experts right now.

      1. 2

        Really clean landing page design Allison!

        1. 2

          thanks for checking it out! :)

  11. 4

    All Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustrations, Videos & Development Requests under one Subscription. No Strings Attached.

    Name: Draftss
    Website: https://draftss.com/

  12. 4

    Building Prospectss.com - Growth Marketing Toolkit for Lead Generation, Emails, Contact Data, Outreach.

  13. 4


    E-Tickets as a Service. With the goal of making it simpler to get set up with a website to promote your events from. Aimed at local event promoters.

  14. 3

    An app for Creators to connect with other Creators. We are bringing the joy to networking! :)

  15. 3

    Use streamhammer as an event streaming data store for your replit projects:

  16. 3

    I builded these website:

    Snapfeel - share your photos and videos,instagram and tiktok alternative.

    AlikeZ- An interest-based community forum,Reddit alternative.

    AloveZ- A great place to stay in touch with friends and Best place to be part of a group or community,Facebook alternative.

  17. 3

    I'm building a simple and trusted way to create NFT giveaways and increase your community https://giv3.xyz

  18. 3

    If you get flight alerts, we will follow it up with hotel deals in the same locations.
    Nate Ritter

  19. 3

    Hey everyone!

    I’m building https://www.swiftblocks.xyz

    It’s a mobile app design tool purpose-built for native iOS developers. Easily design your app using professionally created templates and UI Blocks. Auto-generates SwiftUI code to be used easily in Xcode.

    Name is Amr Al-Refae
    GitHub: amrezo

    1. 1

      New paid Mixo user here - loving you guys so far, and your chat support is phenom!

  20. 3

    Building: https://www.unmelondepixeles.com/
    Digital pixel art mural (basically another milliondollarhomepage)
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/PosthumaCarl

  21. 3

    Hey there currently building Cadrelo. It's a collaboration platform that helps teams stay up to date and aligned.
    link: https://cadrelo.com/
    Name: Salih Mujcic
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Salih_Mujcic

  22. 3

    The platform for indiemakers to build in public effectively with Twitter cross-posting, images, comments, tool directories, stack filtering and more. Promoting projects coming soon!

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/codestirring

  23. 3

    I am currently building a personal productivity desktop app that you might like.

    1. 1

      Wow, looks great!! Signed up already for the early access haha

  24. 3


    Hi! I recently launched an unlimited email production service as a subscription. We take care of email design and development for a flat monthly fee.

    The idea is to make professional email development more easily available and affordable for those who don't like drag-and-drop builders and want a more customized email or simply don't have the time to do it.

    Gustavo Rojas


  25. 3

    Make beautiful and engaging screenshots with my free tool https://nexsnap.app 🔥 plus its available on multiple platforms (natively) Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and even the Web.

  26. 3

    Privacy-law-compliant (privacy-friendly doesn't mean shit!) web analytics:


  27. 3

    🔥 Here you can find my side project Owwly. We help early startups and side projects gain new users and increase traffic to their websites!

  28. 3

    A simple tab manager for chrome -> Drop in replacement for Onetab which might break in a couple of months with Google's manifest V3 migration

  29. 3

    Bespoke app design subscription to grow your early-stage startup business.

  30. 3


    Devle - Product showcase for software developers

  31. 3

    Helping founders with - growthingly.com

    You got a new follower, Victor!

  32. 3

    Hey I am Alexander Utz and I am working on ERA, a markdown note-taking tool for developers.
    We focus on privacy first, so all your data is stored only on your computer.

    You can check it out at:

  33. 3

    Hey Victor, great work with your visual illustrations, keep it up!

    I'm John and I'm building Tailkit the past 2 years! It is a premium UI component library to help you build dashboard and websites.

  34. 3

    Hi, I’m Jakub and I build products for entrepreneurs.

    StartupDock - The best startup lessons under 250 characters.

    EntrepreneurList - A curated library of entrepreneurship knowledge to help entrepreneurs grow a business.

  35. 3

    Thanks Victor,

    I'm working on https://cvscan.uk, a CV Keyword Scanner to optimise CVs or LinkedIn profiles with the most in-demand skills.

  36. 3

    Thanks for this. I'm Adetokunbo Abiola, founder of Adetokunbo Sees, a newsletter on climate change.

  37. 3

    www.joincurtain.com - A marketplace to help podcasters find sponsorships and monetize their podcasts

  38. 3

    Hey 👋

    I’m Miguel, founder of Filma 🎬 (video editing app for iPhone, iPad and Mac)

    My twitter: https://twitter.com/mig_loren

  39. 3

    I'm working on StandupWizard, a Slack app that lets remote / distributed teams run standups (status meetings) asynchronously and automatically in Slack.

    1. 1

      Sounds reminiscent of StandupAlice which I love. DixiApp is decent too.

  40. 3

    I am building AppsWithCode (https://appswithcode.org), a place where you can discover open source apps.

  41. 3

    Keenforms - a form builder with a no code rules engine.

    It helps build forms that usually require a programmer without having to build it from scratch.

    1. 1

      Can i use it as a form backend with my own react frontend?

      1. 1

        it's meant to be a SaaS, the app lets you build forms and create dynamic behavior without having to write code. It uses react, and you create rules which in effect lets you create dynamic behavior on the front end. I wanted to build a form builder so that you would not have to write react yourself, no need to create custom javascript for special functionality.

  42. 3

    LiveGenie.co a 2-in-1 solution for your SaaS Hypergrowth.

  43. 3

    Easy to use, private knowledge base platform. Multi tenant SaaS.

  44. 3

    nuelink.com – a social media automation and scheduling app for creators.

  45. 3

    kocobee.com -> Start validating your idea in minutes, not weeks
    bizideas.ai -> Generate profitable business ideas with the power of AI

    1. 2

      awesome. i have been tried this app

  46. 3
    1. 1

      that scroll within page is incredible. How? iFrame embed?

  47. 3

    Hey hey! I'm Yahia Bakour and i'm building StockAlarm.io

    It's a realtime stock market monitoring service offering 80+ alert types on over 60K tracked assets including stocks, crypto, forex, commodities, indices, and more.

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yahia-bakour/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/mynameisyahia

    Thanks in advance!

  48. 3


    Patent Cockpit -- An Intellectual Property Management tool for SMEs

    My name is Noah Bieler
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/noahbieler/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoahBieler

  49. 3

    EgliseShop : Marketplace for selling and buying Christian content worldwide.
    Boris PADONOU

  50. 3


    I run the website
    https://anilraok.com - Anil Rao K is my name

    I am building a content curation website.
    I'm just writing some blogs and collating great tweets to gather an audience.

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anil-rao-k/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Anilraok

  51. 3

    https://lunarpad.co/ basically a way to find other indiehackers out there

    1. 1

      tried to sign up, got "not a valid location"

    2. 1

      This is cool. How have you been reaching out to users as of now? And, what is the business model?

      1. 2

        yeah what's the $$$ ?

  52. 3

    Hey everyone! 👋
    I'm building Cloudgenda (https://cloudgenda.com) to help membership-driven organizations in better serving their members by managing various business operations: invoices, communications, programs, payments, etc.

    🐤 https://twitter.com/bdicroce

  53. 3

    https://tuthub.io a free search tool to find the best programming learning resources 😊 Users submit links and others can search + filter them and vote them up or down.

    1. 1

      Really useful one... how you are handle search/filtering? ES or just DB queries?

      1. 1

        Thank you! I use MongoDB Atlas which has a nice search functionality. I customized it to my needs so that the ranking is how want it 👌

  54. 2

    https://typestack.ai/ - Easy-to-use, fast and powerful WordPress Blog alternative that's perfect for Everyone that scores 95+ in all google lighthouse parameters.

    1. 2

      Very cool indeed @silus151! I can't say how many times I've had to discuss Wordpress vs. Jamstack/NetlifyCMS or whatever - no one has really solved the problem yet and it's somehow still a huge problem area. Great market pick!

      Nice landing page too. Just signed up!

      PS - also love the direct link to Pagespeed Insights next to viewing the post itself - very clear value prop. Also smart that you won't need to deal with dead blogs because I'm guessing you're going to auto-clear after the free trial runs out?

      1. 1

        Thank you, Niko for taking the time to sign up and leaving feedback.

        Yes, I personally had so many issues with WordPress cms for my old products and there's no other solution out there that's solving what i need. Hence solve it for me first and then take It to the world to scale.

        And Yes, I want users to see the value prop as soon as they hit the publish button. I'm glad you like it.

        coming to the dead blogs, Yup they will be permanently deleted post 60 days.

        You can also create a knowledge base, gated content (collect leads), and a lot more integrations coming up with the next iterations.

  55. 2

    I'm building https://webhookwizard.com a site to help manage, transform and monitor webhooks.

    Also https://personapp.co an API to help create personalised experiences.

  56. 2

    The Obsidian Starter Kit is the perfect starting point if you're eager to start making notes and quickly get up to speed: https://developassion.gumroad.com/l/obsidian-starter-kit

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/dSebastien

  57. 2

    Build & manage your eCommerce right from Notion. 👉 https://notioncommerce.com

  58. 2

    This mobile app design tool was created just for iOS developers. Utilize professionally made templates and UI Blocks to quickly develop your app. SwiftUI code is automatically generated for simple use in Xcode. https://skintes.com/

  59. 2


    AI-generated art in your inbox every morning

  60. 2

    Check out my project:
    SMTP service for e-commerce stores, SaaS projects, forums, or other projects that need high inbox delivery. No KYC needed, pay with Bitcoin to upgrade, free to test

  61. 2

    Building: https://audiocardio.com/
    AudioCardio is an app that aims to strengthen your hearing and provide relief for tinnitus.
    Name: Bryant Laitipaya

  62. 2

    https://yippity.io -> AI question generation for students!

  63. 2

    Great idea! https://toolsforcrypto.substack.com/

    We curate the best tools in web3 daily, to give founders + builders + growth hackers ideas on current trends in Web3

  64. 2

    The goal is to brighten the days of your friends by delivering a random picture you have of your friend to their emails regularly. For example, birthdays, anniversaries, recent vacations, weekly selfies, and anything in between. Powered by Google Photos.


  65. 2

    Building > https://typogram.co/
    a logo design tool for startup founder :D
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DesignJokes

  66. 2

    Putting together a pocket workshop companion app for product discovery and ideation. https://www.workshopwiz.com/ App is mainly built, just need to finalise the content. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

  67. 2

    Hi! I make iOS apps. Currently I'm starting my own business. Here is my website https://dennistech.io

  68. 2

    It's the fastest way to create, send calendar invites and count RSVPs ... use it for scheduled events, webinars, product launches, time-based promotions, 1-to-many demos, training classes, team schedules - basically any activity that needs to be on someone's calendar.

  69. 2


    For People who love the paranormal, cryptozoology, ufology or just the unexplained


  70. 2

    I'm Dan.
    I currently have 2 projects:

    1. Form-Data: https://form-data.com
      It's a no-code backend for webforms.

    2. Joyform: https://joyform.io
      It's a form builder

    LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/danbarshalom
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/barshalom

  71. 2

    Calendar Snack
    It's the fastest way to create, send calendar invites and count RSVPs ... use it for scheduled events, webinars, product launches, time-based promotions, 1-to-many demos, training classes, team schedules - basically any activity that needs to be on someone's calendar.


    @amckinnis (twitter or LinkedIn)

  72. 2

    https://angeleclipse.io, pivoting to a research CRM for 90,000 Angel Investor contacts

  73. 2

    GenCopy: https://gencopy.vercel.app/

    I created this AI (GPT3) app to help generate brand taglines and keywords. How can it be improved?

    If you're running a business, what creative writing challenges do you face that you would like an AI to help you with?

  74. 2

    A blazing fast twitter scheduler: https://planny.co

  75. 2

    Technical Newsletter for non-technical Founder https://passivebasics.com/

  76. 2

    https://usegenerated.com/ Build node and react apps way faster. WIP

  77. 2

    I'm building Replidata to help companies move data between SaaS tools. It's still WIP :)

  78. 2


    We validate email addresses to help you avoiding sending email to your customers junk mailbox.

    1. 2

      Hey @Daniel_A this might be something we need to chat about before the end of the year.

  79. 2

    Hi Victor,
    Mine is https://www.getserverstatus.com, a tool for monitoring Linux servers.
    Docker support is coming soon to the platform!

  80. 2


    I see a lot of indie products trying to get off the ground, but many of them struggle to get past an Indie Hackers post. I created Liftoff to teach you how to build an audience with your indie product and start making money with it.

    It's not magic, it's not snake oil, it's just following the same formula I (and many others) have to go from $0/mo to $50/mo to $1000/mo and beyond.

    Liftoff is available as a PDF ebook, an online course, and an audiobook! Go get it and take your product to the moon!

  81. 2

    Validate your product idea

    Sean Blanchfield
    @1stusers on Twitter

  82. 2

    This is probably going to be a first on Indiehackers: My team and I (2 years alone, and still no external funding) have spent 4 years (yeah..it's a lot) creating the worlds most complete sourcing system for R&D and Scientific Experts.

    The database contains more than 29 million, manually validated, profiles of whom more than 40% are not at all active on Linkedin. The tool can slice and dice the candidate lists on + 60.000 parameters (fortunately not as many clicks) to enable innovative companies, and recruiters, to save A LOT of time sourcing and validating hard skills.
    In broad testing the insights from the system have also increased response rates, when doing outreach, with ≈ 70%.

    Launched last week and even if this really is a niche recruitment space it's a billion dollar industry. www.hardskills.io and a short video on https://www.loom.com/share/029f95c773144bea8f91fe7501189c5c

    Rasmus Palazzi
    CEO & Founder

    1. 1

      Damn this is really really cool

  83. 2

    Lofi and Games - Play relaxing, casual games right from your browser

    TabWhale - Learn your favorite kalimba songs with a beautiful online tab player.
    Create your own tabs and share them with anyone.

    My Name: Bruno Calou
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brunocalou
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/brunocalou

  84. 2


    ⚡️Template-based video creation that is easier and faster than making a presentation.

    🖼 Image to video
    💫 Add transitions
    🔂 Loop video
    🎵 Add audio
    🤖 Gif generator
    🎬 Filter video
    and much more.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/edthomas__
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ethomasuk/

  85. 2

    I started a weekly newsletter called IndieWatch - https://indie.watch/ - that features the best iOS and macOS apps from indie developers 🚀

    My Twitter is https://twitter.com/aryamansharda

  86. 2

    Hey Victor, thanks for asking. I'm starting to build scrollme.today - One page to show everything you do on the internet. I just wrote a post about here on Indiehackers as well

    My twitter - https://twitter.com/Deepak910k

  87. 2

    I'm building Selaro https://getselaro.com , helps you find all the information in your workplace scattered across different apps like Slack, Drive, Notion etc. Think of it as a Google for you company network. Reach us at daniel@getselaro.com if you are interested.

  88. 2

    Experienced founders reveal how they got early traction


  89. 2

    Start selling your product online in 3 simple steps.

  90. 2

    I'm building ktool.io to help you read everything on Kindle: blog posts, Twitter threads, Hacker News discussions, newsletters and many more...

  91. 2

    Our product is Churnfree it helps business to reduce their churn rate to grow their business.

    Product URL: https://churnfree.com/

  92. 2

    I created this app based on my work designing apps for institutional investors (research teams).

    AppStore link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/company-360/id1464857130

    Company 360 is a research tool for retail investors that use bare-bones trading platforms.

    Helps with due diligence on the public company before investing. The main purpose of the app is to reduce investment risk.

  93. 2

    Been building a directory of eComm software over the weekend:

  94. 2

    Thank you Victor!

    I'm building AI2sql. AI2sql uses AI to generate SQL queries from natural language input.

  95. 2

    Try Freshenv - Provision, share, manage local and cloud developer environments.



  96. 2

    Try our new macOS utility which allows you to:

    • Use a single function row press to open/switch apps
    • Use both F1, F2, etc. and media keys without having to hold Fn
    • Simulate other complex hotkeys

    Please share your thought here:
    or find my website here:

  97. 2

    http://fueler.io/, Fueler make your portfolio skills look cooler

  98. 2

    Hey, I am working on a new brand and blog focusing on mental health called Unfck Thyself. No BS spiritual wisdom explained in simple words. Only an Instagram page for now https://www.instagram.com/unfckthyself/

    Yannis Abelas

  99. 2

    Validate your startup idea with a pre-launch viral waiting list.


  100. 2

    A growing collection of inspiring WFH setups from creative individuals ✨


  101. 2

    Hi Victor we’re a design subscription company specializing in web design https://www.keyeicon.com we’re small but very capable team plus one nasty dachshund manager. 🎉

  102. 2

    Store super sensitive data and files with my free app https://liso.dev 🔥 Best for storing crypto wallet seed phrases, credit/debit card info, passwords, and private files. You sign in using a seed phrase. No traditional sign ups 😁 Plus its available on multiple platforms (natively) Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

  103. 2

    Great effort mate, hope you will bring more projects like this Regards:
    <a href="https://inshottech.com//">inshot tech</a>

  104. 2

    Heyqq is the place where you can get fast answers to all your questions in 1:1 private real-time audio conversations

  105. 2

    🎵 https://Ceru.li/savvyindie : resources for artists using the web to reach audiences directly, independent of Big Music / Big Tech

  106. 2

    Hi Victor,

    I just launched StormHub Engine:

    StormHub Engine is modular set of components used as foundation of any SaaS/digital solution.

  107. 2

    https://httpsms.com - Send SMS messages using your android phone via an HTTP API

  108. 2

    https://comidoc.net is a real time udemy coupons/free courses aggregator (discount and 100%OFF)

  109. 2

    Getscreen.me - remote desktop from a browser, Free rate is available. https://twitter.com/getscreenme follow here

    1. 2

      nice TeamViewer alt.
      Free plan with 2 devices could be good for connecting to MacBook if you wanna travel without it.
      Main concern is privacy. Hard to trust sessions won't be intercepted.

      1. 2

        This applies to all remote access programs. We have protection at a secure level, and we have our own server.

  110. 2

    https://www.growthfunda.com/ It's a side hustle and online business blog

  111. 2

    Hey, @Victor🤙, A nice initiative - appreciate it.

    Most like to talk about what they do, but it gives pleasure when someone shows interest in others' work. But then, the IH community is all about that.

    Our main company is ReachExt K.K. but two years back we started a side project EJ to give ourselves some competition. It took a lot of time to launch it because of a lot of content about IT and Japan etc.

    A post about it on IH - https://www.indiehackers.com/product/employmentjapan-com

  112. 2

    Hey everyone! We're building apps in the fitness space.


    Workout App (available for web, mobile, and android): https://justfitness.io/
    Manage, track, and analyze your workouts across your devices.

    Macro Nutrition Tracking App (web app): https://www.getmicro.app/

    Free Plate Calculator Tool: https://gymtools.io/

  113. 1

    Hi Victor,

    Currently building a native macOS menu bar app for Formula 1 (and soon MotoGP as well) to stop missing a race start: GP Calendar

    👉 https://cyrilniobe.gumroad.com/l/gp-calendar (will also be on Mac App store soon)

    🐦 I am building this in public on my twitter: https://twitter.com/SlamingDev

    That's such a cool idea! Looking forward to see all others indie products!

  114. 1

    Link: https://checkthe.website
    I am building a website uptime monitoring tool for personal and commercial projects. I was using other tools but there were some missing features. So I decided to build my own monitoring tool.

    Monitor websites freely and get notifications by email, slack and more.

  115. 1

    Hi Victor !
    Im building a simple service: ChooseStack

    To help people find the right tools (No-code) for their business, there's a ton on the market and we try to set up the right stack if you are building a shop, a service, an app, your portfolio....

  116. 1

    We're building Travelboard, a webapp that works on all your devices that helps you organise your travels. If you're the type of person that enjoys the travel before it starts by looking at guide books, vlogs etc., then Travelboard is going to be your new best friend. List all the things you want to do with illustrations and map coordinates, organise them on each day of your travel and move things around easily when your plan change.



    Johan lajili

    https://uk.linkedin.com/in/johanlajili/en (though I don't really use it lately)


  117. 1

    I'm designing free to use display ad templates.

  118. 1

    We're building Trade Hub - A free social trading app where retail traders collaborate. Supporting all stocks, futures, forex, & crypto markets offering traders the ability to track and share their trades & performance with in-depth stats, follow traders & receive instant notifications of their trades, rank among others on a community or global level, earn recognition and rewards for their trades.

    Our main feature is automated copy trading, with the ability to follow a top trader or your favorite analyst and instantly copy their trade as they execute it- with cross brokerage support.


  119. 1

    MyPerfectJob: Find product people by what they want to do. The opposite of a job board; it’s an ideal role board. Tell companies what you want and don’t want in your perfect role.


  120. 1

    RealWorkFromAnywhere - A job board for fully location independent jobs.

  121. 1

    Hi there. I have created Krumzi, a recruitment platform where, as a job seeker, you can receive job opportunities directly from the recruiters based on your skills, track your job applications, download your resume in a PDF format and more.

    As for the recruiters, it is a complete platform, providing everything they need in order to find and manage talents for their job openings.

    We have launched about one month ago and we are currently in the open beta testing phase, so there is no pricing plan yet. During this time we have on-boarded over 250 job seekers from all over the world, as well as 10 recruiters.

    Here is the link: https://krumzi.com, hope you enjoy it :)

  122. 1

    I built Cogneato. It's a simple tool for experimental optimization (aka A/B testing, Bayesian optimization). It's for engineers, marketers, scientists, and hobbyists. You can just copy and paste parameters & measurements from a spreadsheet into Cogneato w/o having to choose an algorithm or software (hardest part), install software, or write code.

    @phinance99 (on Twitter)


  123. 1

    Hi there! My best friend has been working on a productivity app for macOS called Flow that has nature sounds and white noise for better focus and a Pomodoro timer. I instantly fell in love with the product cause it helped me smash some intense studying hours for med school.

    I was the type to check my phone every 2 minutes, but now I just play the fireplace sound, and I instantly get to work. If you are the type that struggles with staying focused for longer, give this app a try. It has excellent sounds, a minimalistic design and the Pomodoro timer keeps me going.

    There's also a lot of room for improvement, so if you have the time to share your feedback, it would be very constructive.
    Here is the link https://apple.co/3SoFZli hope you enjoy it :)

  124. 1

    I'm the co-founder of ServerAuth, we started out as a niche product for web agencies to allow them to manage SSH access to servers, and restrict the times that staff are able to log in.

    That got us a stable and loyal customer base, and we're now pivoting slightly to create a fully fledged server management platform with management of services like MySQL, Redis, Cronjobs, Supervisor, Firewalls, etc. Our goal is to essentially replace the need for things like cPanel and Plesk on your servers, saving a ton in licensing costs and centralising everything into a permission based system.

    It's also very handy if you're an indiehacker and just need a server for your website as it takes all the complex server management parts out of the equasion and makes it easy to manage a server without being a Linux guru :)

  125. 1

    I'm building and growing Remote Work Junkie, your hub for all things remote work. Launched March 2022 as a side project, but growing! Website is:

  126. 1

    Do you remember ICQ? One of my favorite features from ICQ is that you can see in real-time as your friend is typing. IMHO this makes chatting feel more intimate, as you can better see their thought process and it encourages stream-of-consciousness dialogues. I always wondered why no other messaging app has borrowed this feature from ICQ, so I built my own. This side project saw an alpha release recently.

    Chit Chat - https://chitchat.tohodo.com/

    Can anyone find the Easter Egg? ^^

    Tom @10basetom on Twitter

    1. 1

      The goal of Construtem is to offer the real estate development and construction industry cost-effective Construction estimating services in NYC. In order to eliminate the need for a backup plan, our experienced team works to offer the most accurate and dependable estimating solutions while being completely aware of the client's unique needs.https://constructem.com/

  127. 1

    The Slice is a newsletter for those who want to launch, develop, and expand an internet business. 7k+ developers, marketers, and bootstrappers will receive it.
    Observe along: https://skintes.com/collections/forlled

    1. 1

      A cold (bulk) DM platform for Slack, Twitter, and Linkedin that I'm building is called Rainmaker.

  128. 1

    EthicalCompany - Build trust faster with ethical policies, verified transparency, and templates for engagement.

  129. 1

    https://electrade.app - Affordable electric vehicle leases, updated weekly.

    Thank you for starting this great thread, Victor!

  130. 1


    1. 1

      The goal of Construtem is to offer the real estate development and construction industry cost-effective Construction estimating and <a href="https://constructem.com/">Painting takeoff services</a>
      in NYC. In order to eliminate the need for a backup plan, our experienced team works to offer the most accurate and dependable estimating solutions while being completely aware of the client's unique needs.

  131. 1

    Now a days Cockfight is a worldwide popular and legal sporting event in much of Latin America And somewhere Asian Countries. People also looking for the best Gamefowl to participate in the fight. The fight is usually held in an arena (GALLERA) with seats for spectators.

  132. 1

    Volida: live concerts from the comfort of your hom
    Joseph Adeyemo

  133. 1

    ExportData - export, search & analyse Twitter data.

    Here is my Twitter and LinkedIn.

  134. 1

    Interesting knowledge

  135. 1


    FuelanceLeads - Get freelance jobs & exclusive business building resources sent to your inbox every week

    Ric Arthur



  136. 1

    At The Public Community, we help brands host their own social network: https://public.community/

    Fully hosted on your servers and tailored to your needs.

  137. 1

    https://datum.alwaysdata.net - Datapeek; improve online conversations with data. If you ever read some conversation on twitter and wondered if data would agree with what is being said, this was built for you !

    Follow me on https://twitter.com/datapeek

  138. 1

    Clickable.so - Create ads in seconds with AI.

  139. 1

    Engine.so – convert Notion pages into a knowledge site for customers. Been running it for over a year now and seen slow but steady growth 😄

  140. 1

    That's an amazing idea! I'm Justin & I'm working on this one 👉 https://www.ratepunk.com/. RatePunk is a free browser extension that shows where it's the cheapest to book a hotel. Here's my Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/albertynas/!

  141. 1

    Awesome idea Victor, in case, if anyone is looking for a website builder that is easier than Webflow or WordPress, but not limiting your design, here is 🍍 www.pineapplebuilder.com

  142. 1

    I'm currently working on https://joswigats.com/, which is an Applicant Tracking System that empowers you to spend less time on hiring candidates. It can be used by indie hackers for occasional hiring. You would pay for 1 published job post / month, and when you found the right candidate, you can close the job again and pay $0 for the following months.

    If you think you have to hire people for your startup and my product sounds interesting to you, I'd be happy if you follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/manuel_joswig

  143. 1

    Find new customers on Twitter ✨. Unlock growth through Twitter DMs automation to get more replies and revenue.
    👉 Solidinbox.com

    1. 1

      lol didn't know your project exists when I start https://dmbird.app but keep pushing the limits.

      1. 2

        Cool stuff. What's the revenue like? Is it a new app?

        1. 1

          yeah yeah just started few weeks ago. Actually I was building "Unbundle" project where you can extract all of the information from the social media links. Then later I pivoted to Twitter only and added "DM" feature and I renamed to "dmBird"

          1. 1

            Cool stuff. Rooting for you 🚀

  144. 1

    This comment was deleted 11 days ago.

  145. 1

    This comment was deleted 12 days ago.

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