Share your experience on prototyping

I feel that the value of validating ideas on prototypes is underestimated, I still see people that want to start coding ideas first, before doing any validation. Is this a common case, or it's just me?

Please share your experience on why and how you started prototyping and which benefits did you get from it? What was the hardest part? Which tools you could recommend and why?

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    I’m in middle of it right now!

    Detailed plan linked in post here

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    Its really common for a lot of founders to spend a majority of their time focusing on coding and creating their product instead of validating the idea because they are so in love with it.

    Here are some good case studies of validating an idea without a product:

    1. Getting 400 signups and 5 initial sales of a product that is yet to exist, just by uploading a video on how it works.

    2. Getting initial sales without any product, using just a landing page with a checkout process.

    I can't emphasis enough about the importance of validating your next big idea first before begin any work on it, just because you think it is great doesn't mean others agree and would be willing to pay for it.

    You can check out more such case studies if you're interested over at GrowthHunt.co, where I curates and summarised growth strategies for other founders to learn and replicate from.

    Cheers & all the best!

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