Side-Hustle Marketing

Hey all!

I've been in this space for a couple of years and a problem I've seen time and time again is that (a) side-hustle entrepreneurs don't know how to market and (b) they don't know how to get the right type of feedback. This leads to bad conversions and bad feedback - ultimately leading to the death of a potentially phenomenal idea.

I've been thinking about launching something in this space: a low-cost solution to help people with a side-hustle, who haven't got the skills to get their product to market, understand customer acquisition, nor launch a sensible marketing campaign (and end up wasting all their money on google/facebook ads!).

Let me know your views - I'm super curious if I should take this forward

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    It could work I think, but it should be more about showing the new marketer where they are going wrong with like onboarding tips as they use the app. I think this is a better way than a course corrective approach by the experienced marketers on the platform, which will lead to frustration for both parties, IMO. Hope this helps!

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    As a side-hustler I absolutely have this problem. The main problem I think you would have is finding a price point. If you have a bunch of people that aren't successfully making money off of their product, it is going to be hard to get them to pay for something. If there was a way to give something for free that would get people a little revenue and then sell more to grow faster you would make a lot of money.

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      Thanks! Would you be willing to have a call to discuss? Feedback for this has been great so I’m getting in touch with a few people!

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    A product... or newsletter?

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      Neither - monthly service!

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      Thanks! Would you be interested?

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        depends on the offereing.

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    I like this idea! What would your solution look like?

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      Expecting automation of social media /blogging + hourly sessions with founder/marketing person to discuss/enhance strategy!

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    Go ahead, I truly believe there is a huge market for this.

    And especially if you move forward with the low-cost model. I see this as an awesome idea!

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