Startup Pros is seeking YOU!

Hello guys!

My name is johannes and i brought Startup Pros to Life: https://startuppros.softr.app/

It's a team of teams, each team working on a dedicated product / problem.
If one product succeeds, we all participate.

Go check out the projects we are working on and join one of our teams, i would love to see you there!

Here are the projects listed:


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    If risk and reward is spread, what is the process to remove those who take on too much risk, damage the brand, etc?

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      Hey and thanks for checking us out!
      If a project is really not looking to succeed, it will be abandoned of course.
      It is an Individual process because it is dependend on what the product is and how big a risk really is.
      However we do set up clear goals and clearly follow the line.
      And then, at the end of the day, as most of the projects are really really early stage, the risk and damage is always high, but the most you can lose is some time and energy, the most you can win is.. well, that is up to your Imagination

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