Startups are an act of desperation

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    Agree with you. It's a very hard task. Founders should be hard worker, intellectual, and passionate to be successful.

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    most people just build startup for developer.
    personally now, I am focusing on thinking about outside developers world and stuff.
    I used to work as civil engineer in the past before teaching myself coding and eventually get job as full stack engineer.
    I am focusing on building niche for civil engineer where competition is less harder that the coding world

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    For me the want to create a startup stemmed from the desire to expand my skills outside just programming, to business as a whole, and to be able to build a complete solution that solves a problem and is found to be valuable by other people as well as me.

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    Nowadays, people want to launch to start up just to launch a start up because it's cool. They don't solve a real problem and most of the time not dedicated or passionate about their idea, they just want money... I agree.

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    Hey, not all startups are an act of desperation. One must know which startup is best for long-term association and future profits. Nowadays the trend is on clone apps. Likewise Uber clone App, Uber for trucks, etc. You can also go through this detailed article for on-demand startup ideas: https://www.apurple.co/on-demand-startup-ideas/

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    Truly successful founders are a different breed. Or as some would say they're "built different".

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    Good article, thank You. 🙏

    Here is annother reason founders cloud desperately want do a startup:

    Autonomy. No matter how high performing employee you are, any successful organization will continuously remove your autonomy. You still have autonomy as an employee, but it is constraint and your ability to do anything outside the borders set up by processes, politics, and my favorite: "best practices".

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      100% my reason for wanting to start something on my own. And this comes from somebody who is in “upper management” … the corporate world is mostly BS jobs and office politics

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    Brilliant. Completely agree with this. 1 and 3 apply most to my situation. I hope I'll still be desperate in 10, 20, 30 years time : )

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    Hahaha. Didn't know what to expect from this article, but you hit the nail on the head. Founders do have to be desperate to start a business - in the best possible way.

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