Startups are hard because they require several things to go right simultaneously

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    I feel like this is why having a broad range of skills is imperative to being a successful founder. You'll need to have a solid grasp around the creation of the product, sales, marketing, UI/UX, etc. all to even have a viable product.

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    I don't like the 'startup' paradigm. You can build a business in an established market, using an established business model and make lots of money. There are millions of successful people who have done this. You don't need to philosophize over what building a business means. Copy what works already.

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    Exactly. You do one thing wrong and the whole thing can fail. The best thing is to not be attached to your idea and also try not to spend any or hardly any money on it so you haven't lost much. Then try again, and again, until you get it all right and succeed.

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    I always say, the stars have to all align for you to even make 1 sale.

    If even just 1 star is out of alignment, you're shit out of luck.

    Startups are hard because all your ducks have to be in a row.

    And it's doubly hard keeping all your ducks in a row... on your own... with limited time, money, energy, attention, and resources.

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      False. If you are trying to build the next SpaceX or PayPal maybe, but not the case for majority of businesses.

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    I actually built a growth marketing to eliminate MOST (not all) of the mishaps that can go wrong in building a startup.

    For everything else, you still have to consistently track every data point that is important before you can see any traction. It takes time and patience............yay.

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    I think the best thing to solve this specific problem would be to find a good team. When I recruit my team member, I spend on LinkedIn and Twitter like 2 hours a day. Send a lot of messages but you should explain what you are doing very shortly and impactfully.

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    People spend a lot of time on early steps without thinking through later steps. It's hard, but having a rough idea of "are people willing to pay for it" and the eventual possible unit economics can be critical in paring down ideas or finding areas for focus.

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    Absolutely true! Starting and running a successful startup is no easy feat. It requires a great deal of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, as well as the ability to effectively manage multiple components and factors that must align and work together in order for the business to succeed. It's important to be aware of the challenges and to have a solid plan in place, but with determination and the right support, starting a successful startup can be a rewarding experience.

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    It's true that startups are hard and most of them fail. However, I think that the juice is worth the squeeze most of the time. You always learn something from failure and eventually you will get it right. Most of the famous entrepreneurs failed at least once before they had success. This article is a good list...

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    Important to follow the steps slowly

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    It is true, and failing one single thing leads to failure, the only thing that can help you is experience, slowly master how to execute everything.

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    Totally! However, since all those things may not occur simultaneously at first, beware you can build them up, one by one, day after day. Sooner or later, you can reach this favorable frame that will make your startup succeed!

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    This is so, so true. It's not just a good product you need but you also need to get the marketing right, your pricing right, your onboarding right, etc. etc. It's no wonder so many first-time founders fail, there is so much you have to get right to succeed.

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